9A0-164 - Adobe Captivate 5.5 ACE Exam

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Example Questions

You want to add accessibility text to your objects. What should you do? How should you apply an event-based effect to an image? You are creating a compliance course and need the course to be non-functional after a certain time period. Which option in the Preferences dialog should you select? Which will NOT work if you enable accessibility in your project? You have added Advanced Actions to a lot of your screens and want to find the slides in which a particular script is used. What should you do? You are sending your project to subject matter experts to collect comments on each slide. Your reviewers do NOT have Adobe Captivate installed. To see your project, reviewers must first install a free application. What is the file extension for the Adobe Captivate Reviewer application? You have created a Captivate course and want to allow users to resume viewing a project from where they left off earlier. What should you do? You have created question pools for your assessment and you want to send the questions for review. What is the most efficient workflow to get the questions in Word format? You have created a conditional action and want to reuse the same action with a few changes. What should you do? You have added a ZigZag motion path effect to an image and you want to reuse this effect in some other project. What should you do? What is the most efficient way to capture actions outside the recording area? You have added a border to your project and you want the color of the border to match the project interface. What should you do? Which two slide placeholders can be added to project templates? (Choose two.) You are creating a course with several modules. For each module, you are creating a separate Captivate project. You have completed working on the first module and want to reuse the assets for the second module. What is the most efficient way to do this? Which type of widget can be added to a master slide? You are creating a quiz using a quiz template. You want to add one more multiple-choice question slides to it. What is the most effective way to do this? Which two types of information does the Video Management dialog provide? (Choose two.) You are creating a branching course and have added a Back button to all your slides. Which On Success Action should you define for this button? In conditional actions, how should you write a statement such as: if (variable1 is equal to 1 AND variable2 is equal to 2 OR variable3 is equal to 3)? You have a project with twenty slides and you have created two master slides. You want to associate ten slides to each master slide. What is the most effective way to do this? Which statement about managing audio in Captivate is true? You have to add a Full Motion Recording (FMR) to your project. You do NOT want the mouse to appear in the recorded slide. What should you do? You have created closed captions and you want to ensure the captions appear in the published project. What should you do prior to publishing? You want to set up your quiz in a way that the answers are shuffled when the user attempts the same question slide the next time. What is the most efficient way to do this? Which statement about text to speech is true? You have created a question pool with five questions. You want two questions from this pool to appear in your quiz. What should you do? Which statement about the table of contents is true? You have not added an accessibility text to your text caption. Which text will be considered by the screen reader? You are creating an eLearning course and want to make sure that in the published version the hand mouse cursor is displayed when the learner's mouse pointer is over the button. What should you do? You have added a button and want the user to double-click it to proceed. What should you do? You have changed the properties of your button and want to reuse the new style for the rest of your project. What is the most effective way to do this? You want to add audio that has been professionally recorded to your course. What should you do to add the audio to your slides? You have added a text caption to a slide. When you preview the slide, you notice that the text caption disappears before the slide ends. What should you do to make the text caption stay on stage for the entire slide duration? In an assessment, you have positioned a click box on the File menu of an application. When the learner clicks the File menu, you want them to proceed to the next slide. If they click in the wrong place, you want the learner to see a message that gives them the correct action to take. Which click box property option should you select? You are importing native Photoshop files to a Captivate slide. What happens to the Photoshop layers? You need to publish your project to Apple iPad. Which default preset should you choose? You want to include a variable in your project that will capture your user's name and display the name throughout the lesson. Which type of variable should you use? You want to add a multi-slide video to your project. Which option should you select in the Video Import Options dialog? Which edit operations CANNOT be performed inside the Advanced Actions dialog? You have added a video to your course and want to display it in the Table of Contents. What should you do? Which property of a variable CANNOT be updated or edited? You have recorded a slide audio using Adobe Captivate and want to save it as a WAV file to be sent for review. What should you do? You have created a compliance course, which has five sections. You want to test the learners on all five sections, but you dont want them to see the same questions if they fail and have to retake the test. How should you create a quiz that allows you to pull two questions randomly for each section? Which actions can you perform after inserting an image in a slide? Which is NOT possible using the Skin Editor? Which statement about creating a click box is true? You want learners to be able to see the current question number as they progress through a quiz. Which setting must you set in the Quiz Preferences? You have defined an object style for your text caption. You copy some text from a Word file and paste it in the text caption. You notice that the font style has changed. You want to use the text defined in your object style. What should you do? You want the skin of your simulation to show a textured graphic surrounding your finished lesson. What should you set in the Skin Editor? You are creating a quiz and on your question slides, you see the slide number as ,,Question 2 of 10. How will you change it to ,,Question 2?