9A0-150 - Adobe Photoshop CS5 ACE Exam

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Example Questions

Your photographer included a photo gray card in every photo during a product shoot. You want to remove a color cast from one of the photos with a Curves adjustment. What should you do in the Curves dialog box? You re optimizing a Photoshop file for the web as a JPEG.The metadata in the PSD file contains several keywords. Which option in the Metadata menu in the Save for Web & Devices dialog box should you choose to preserve the keywords in the optimized JPEG file? You ve adjusted a raw photograph in Camera Raw, and you d like to create a small copy of the adjusted photograph as a JPEG to attach to an email. Which is the best workflow to follow? You want to open a raw image from your digital camera in Photoshop using the Camera Raw dialog box. You want to be able to return to the Camera Raw dialog box later to make edits. What should you do in the Camera Raw dialog box to enable this? Which statement best describes the Proof Colors feature in Photoshop? You are working on a system with two monitors, and you have two documents open as tabbed documents on the main monitor. You want to display one of the documents on the second monitor for easier reference, so you can see both at the same time. What should you do? You have a photo of a red car on a mountain road. You need to select the car to use with a different background. Which tool is the quickest and most effective one for selecting the car? When creating a Web Photo Gallery through Adobe Bridge, how does the application handle the color management of images in the gallery? You are using the Healing Brush tool to reduce dark undereye circles in a photograph of a face. Which is the best blending mode to choose from the Mode menu in the Options bar? You ve spent a lot of time making a complex selection. How can you retain the selection for future use? (Choose two.) You have added a layer mask to a single-layer file so that the image fades gradually from full opacity to fully transparent.You want to export this as a web graphic.In the Save for Web & Devices dialog box, which settings will best preserve the transparency in the optimized version of the image? You want to print a digital photograph on a professional desktop inkjet printer. You have a custom ICC profile for your printer, paper, and ink combination. In the Color Management area of the Print dialog box, which option will allow you to choose your custom ICC profile for use in printing? You have an RGB photograph of a bright red balloon. Which statement accurately describes the appearance of the balloon s pixels in the red color channel? You want to open a JPEG directly into Camera Raw to adjust it there. What should you do? (Choose two.) Which statement is true about resizing a shape layer using the Edit > Free Transform Path command? You are adjusting a raw photograph in Camera Raw, and you want to increase contrast in the midtones of the photograph. Which Camera Raw control should you use? You have a photo of a woman against a blue sky. You want to select the woman to use against another background. Which feature is most likely to help you create a selection that captures both the wispy strands of her hair and the smooth edge of her skin? Which lens-related errors can be corrected in the Auto Correction tab of the Lens Correction filter? You are slicing a web page layout. You draw one slice with the Slice tool, and Photoshop fills in the surrounding areas with automatically-generated auto slices. When you click on one of those other slices with the Slice Select Tool, it does not highlight with position handles. What should you do to display the position handles? You are working on an image with a single layer. You want to put part of the image on its own layer so you can add a drop shadow layer effect to it. You make a selection of that part of the image. What should you do next? You photograph a model against a green screen. You want to remove the green screen from the image. You ?v added a layer mask, which is currently filled with white, to the image layer, and you ve targeted the layer mask thumbnail on that layer. With which color should you paint on the layer mask to hide the green screen in the image? You re using a photo of a leafy green tree against a light blue sky as an illustration for a magazine article. You want to make the sky more blue. Which is the best way to select the sky, including the sky between the leaves? You shot a photograph of a model for a magazine ad. Your client wants you to make her look more slender. Which features are best for accomplishing this task? (Choose two.) You have added a Curves adjustment layer to an RGB photograph and made several adjustments. You want to see if any highlight areas of the image have been clipped to white or fully saturated color. What should you do? You ve used the Custom Shape Tool to create a vector shape layer. You want the shape to have a soft, blurry edge, but you want to be able to edit the vector paths later. What should you do? Which color space contains the widest color gamut? You have a flattened image that is 8.5" x 11" at 300ppi.You want to reduce the image in Photoshop to be half as wide and tall. However, you want to maintain the option to enlarge the file to full size and quality again. What should you do before scaling with the Image Size feature? You re creating several preliminary designs for a client. You ?like to store all the design variations within a single Photoshop document so you can present the design ideas to a client with just a few mouse clicks. Which feature is best suited to accomplish this task? You have a type layer in your Photoshop document. Which of these require rasterizing the layer? Which circumstance is a prerequisite to using the Layer > New Layer Based Slices command to make a separate slice around each web button in a web page navigation bar? You have one image open in Photoshop and a second image file on your desktop. When you drag the image file from the desktop onto the open document in Photoshop, what happens? You made a selection with the Elliptical Marquee tool. You want to move the selection boundary to the right. How can you move the selection without moving or changing the image? (Choose two.) Why might you want to adjust vignetting in the Custom tab of the Lens Correction filter? (Choose two.) You create a Hue/Saturation adjustment layer, and want to adjust the hue of a color in the image. After you choose the On-image adjustment tool in the Adjustments panel, what should you do? You have a photograph open and have opened the Basic view of the Smart Sharpen dialog box. You notice that your adjustments have added too much noise in the shadow areas. You switch to Advanced view. What should you do there? You make a selection with the Rectangular Marquee tool in one image and use Edit > Copy to place it on the clipboard. You want to ensure the copied selection is placed into the upper left corner of a different image. After using the Rectangular Marquee tool to select that area, what should you do? You are creating a custom workspace that facilitates the way you like to work. Which parameters can you save as part of your custom workspace, other than panel locations? (Choose two.) You ve applied a filter to a layer as a Smart Filter. Now you want to reduce the strength of that filter s effect. How can you do that? (Choose two.) Which task can you accomplish by adjusting the Fill slider in the Layers panel? Bristle Tip brush tips work with which tools? (Choose two.) You would like to insert a graphic created in Adobe Illustrator into your Photoshop image. You want to maintain it as vector art so it can be later resized without losing any quality. What should you do? You have selected the Mixer Brush tool. You want to sample multiple colors from the current image to load in the brush s paint reservoir. What should you do? You ve made an initial selection around an egg in an image, using the Elliptical Marquee tool. Which command should you use to reshape the selection so it better fits the egg? What does the Photomerge feature use to blend multiple photographs into a multi-layered panorama? You have an RGB image that you want to convert to CMYK.Y our print service bureau has given you a custom ICC profile for their printing conditions that differs from your current Photoshop Color Settings. Which feature should you use to convert to CMYK? You ve drawn a path and would like to modify the position of individual points on the path. Which tool should you use to accomplish this? You want to sharpen a photograph. What should you do to prevent significant color shifts? You ve adjusted a raw photograph in Camera Raw. Now you are ready to open the image in Photoshop to add some text. However, you want to be able to quickly bring the image from Photoshop back into Camera Raw to change your Camera Raw adjustments. What should you do? You selected the first layer in the Layers panel, clicked on a style in the Styles panel, and then used the Layer Style dialog box to modify the style. Now you want to use that customized style on several other layers in the same image. What should you do? You have the Gradient Tool selected. You want to draw a gradient in your image and set the transparency level at a particular point in the gradient. What should you do?