9A0-092 - Flash CS4 ACE Certification

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Example Questions

Which ActionScript keyword prevents a class property from being inherited by ANY subclasses? You want to duplicate a symbol using the Library panel. What should you do? Which image type will perform best in a Flash Movie? Which is a benefit of duplicating symbols? You want to deploy a Flash movie for a CD-ROM. Your movie must also be cross platform compatible. Which file format should you select from the Publish Settings dialog box? You want to edit the skin of an FLV Playback component. What should you do? In which situation should you use ADPCM sound compression? Which file format supports vector based art that can be brought into Flash? You are debugging a Flash movie. Which view will display information about the dimensions, files size, and current frame of the main timeline? Which ActionScript keyword indicates that a class inherits from another class? Which command can be selected in the Library panel menu? What will be displayed in the output panel when the following code finishes executing? //myClip is a MovieClip on the stage myClip.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, clickHandler); function clickHandler(evt:MouseEvent):void\{ trace(evt.target._name); } Which must be true before using the Bone tool and inverse kinematics? You create the following string in ActionScript var str:String = "Adobe"; Which statement will output to the Output panel the number of characters in the string? Which statement about animation in Flash CS4 is true? You have a rectangle on the Stage and would like to animate a rectangle changing into a circle. Which type of Tween should be used? You want to create and display an empty TextField in ActionScript 3.0. Which statement should you use? You want to apply a blur effect to your text. What should you do? What does the Motion Editor allow you to do? A dynamically loaded image is larger than your stage. Which component should you use to accommodate this image? Which two are types of text fields in Flash? (Choose two) Which TextField type automatically embeds font outlines? Which two bitmap techniques are helpful when managing performance? (Choose two.) Which button state should you use to create an invisible button? You want to import a resolution-independent image asset directly into Flash CS4. Which image asset type should you use? Which is the earliest version of Flash Player that supports Unicode? You have used the Bone tool to animate an arm moving. Which tool can be used to limit the degree each joint of the arm can rotate? You want to synchronize sound to the occurrence of an event; however, if the sound is already playing you do NOT want a new instance of the sound to play. Which sound synchronization option should you choose? You want to use a MovieClip in the Library to create a symmetrical pattern on the stage. Which tool can be used to create this pattern? Which two file formats can be imported into an SWF file at runtime? (Choose Two) You want to display more than one line of text with word wrap in a dynamic TextField. Which TextField option should you use? Given the following ActionScript statement: var now:Date = new Date(); Which is the datatype? Which anti-alias option should you use to remove anti-aliasing from a TextField? How do you export a Motion Preset? Which two tasks can you complete by using the Motion Editor panel? (Choose two.) Which two options will allow you to rotate an object on the Stage? (Choose two) Which two color effects can be used to change transparency? (Choose two) You want to change the property of a symbol from a graphic to a movie clip using the Library panel. What should you do? You want to re-skin a Button component. The new skin needs to be lightweight and should scale. Which type of image assets best fits these criteria? Which statement in this ActionScript 3.0 code has a syntax error? var path:String; path = "D"ata.txt"; function loadFile(filePath:String):Void{ trace(filePath); } loadFile(path); Which is an advantage of using the Document class as implemented in ActionScript 3? Which statement should you use to create an instance of the Date class? Which tool should you use to create a sporadic dotted fill within your document? You want to select a point within a line segment on the Stage. Which tool should you use? In which file format can Motion Presets can be exported? What happens when you import audio into a Flash movie? Which statement about an interface is true? Which statement about motion tweens is true? Which component can be attached to a TextField object to create scrollable text? Which keyword is associated with creating subclasses?