9A0-064 - Adobe Flash Lite 2.0 Mobile Developer Exam

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Example Questions

Which format or protocol should you use for loading asynchronous structured data into Flash Lite? Which is used to create frame rate independent script based animations? What is the most highly processor intensive animation technique? Which event in the LoadVars class is fired when the last byte of data has been retrieved from a server? What is the best method for ensuring that elements on a layer are NOT part of the published SWF file? Which ActionScript method should you use to access the SMS, MMS, and dialing capabilities for the OS of a phone? When using a dynamic text field in a Flash Lite application, what will result in the smallest file size for the exported SWF file? What file type is used to install games and applications to Symbian handsets? Why is it considered bad practice to apply very detailed gradients to vector shapes in Flash Lite development? (Choose two.) In what form are the types of video (VideoMimeTypes) a device supports returned? What ActionScript command is used to dial a phone number in Flash Lite 2? You want to determine if a device has SMS capabilities. Which property should you use? Which type of layer does NOT exporte any content or add bytes to the final SWF file when publishing? What defines a class named Car that receives additional properties and methods from a superclass named Vehicle? What actions will most significantly improve content performance on a device? (Choose two) What method loads external JPGs into a MovieClip instance? Does Flash Lite support https protocol? You are creating an application. When should you use a a graphic symbol instead of a MovieClip symbol? On the BREW platform, Flash Lite is able to access the SMS system of the phone. How is the message sent? When a button receives focus, how is the outline surrounding the button defined? How can a Flash Lite device's ability to dynamically load data be determined? An application that you have written is attempting to load 100kb of XML data from an external source into the Flash Lite player. However, the device has only allocated 30kb to handle incoming data streams. What happens? If you attempt to play a video object on a device that does not support the video format, what must you do? How does the emulator in the Flash authoring tool handle testing device video? How can you determine the type of device that a user has? Which event is supported by the Key class in Flash Lite 2.0/2.1? In order to target as many devices as possible, for example, one device supports MIDI and another includes MFI, what is the BEST way to include multiple sound formats in a Flash Lite SWF? What is the best way to check and be sure the data from a SharedObject has loaded from the device and is ready for use? Your are using the attachMovie method. What happens when you attach two MovieClips at the same depth? When playing a game written for the Symbian standalone Flash Lite player, what happens to the game application when a user receives a call? How does the mobile emulator in the Flash 8 authoring tool test device video? Which sound features are supported for creating wallpapers in Flash Lite 2? What method of the Key class is used to determine what key a user pressed on a mobile device? Which function should you use to create an animation? In the BREW environment, how is an image automatically attached to an MMS message? What is the correct ActionScript syntax for animating a MovieClip instance, my_mc, horizontally across the stage? Which command should you use to determine if a mobile device has network access? Consider the following statement on a Nokia device: capable = System.capabilities.hasMMS; If the device does not support MMS, what would the value of the capable variable be? You have selected a device in the Flash Lite emulator and you have ActionScript that loads in an image. However, this image type is unsupported in the device you have selected. What happens when you test the application in the emulator? You are optimizing content for a mobile device. Which statement is true? Which version of Flash Lite best supports right to left rendering of text, in Text fields using languages such as Arabic and Hebrew? You have created a complex vector image using the MovieClip drawing tools. The code for drawing the image adds approximately 512 bytes to your final file size. The vector image is the basis for a game sprite. When you test the file you notice that the animation is very slow. You want to improve the animation performance of the sprite in your game. What should you do? In order to transfer a Flash file to a BREW device, the application file must be in the following format Flash Lite can consume XML from When attempting to access a network connection from the Flash Lite player, what happens on a BREW player versus a Nokia player? What method of code looping offers the best performance for Flash Lite? An event object is generated: What code creates an object named person with two properties, name and age? Given the following code: var circle:TextField; circle.onSetFocus=function (){ // } Which two lines of code will write the name of the instance with focus to the output window? What is the value of myVar in the following command? myVar =_capCompoundSound

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