9A0-062 - Adobe Encore DVD 2.0 ACE Exam

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Example Questions

Which three statements are true about a chapter play list? (Choose three.) In the Menus panel, you can _____ What happens when you set a Menu Remote property to Return to Last Menu? What should you do to add a Subpicture layer to a button and have that subpicture layer match the shape of the button text? Which two statements are true about the drop shadow effect? (Choose two.) You create a music video DVD and place each video in its own timeline. You create a Play All button on the main menu that links to the first timeline. You set the end action of each timeline to point to the next timeline until all timelines have played. You also create a button that links to each individual video and returns the user to the main menu after the video ends. Which button navigation option is used by the individual song buttons? What happens when you set the Video property in the Motion tab of the menu Properties? The Layer-name prefix(+^)in the Layers panel indicates the layer set that links to the How can you change the appearance of a text item in a menu? You have created a DVD for a sports team that contains game highlights, player profiles, and other footage. You want to provide options to play different related timelines such as all games versus a particular team. What should you do? Which three can be contained in a chapter playlist? (Choose three.) You have five timelines, each with an end action that links to the next timeline in the sequence of five. Your main menu has a Play All button that when clicked, plays all five timelines in a row. You want to create a submenu that allows viewers to play single timelines, and have the DVD return to the submenu menu rather than moving on to the next timeline. How do you accomplish this? You have created a Slideshow menu. You want to add an audio file to loop twice in the background while the menu is active. What should you do? What should you do to create a Motion menu for use on another computer in multiple projects? You want to create a button on a menu that links to another menu if the user navigates to the button, without having to activate the button. What should you do? You have ten separate timelines that you want to play in different orders from different buttons. You want button one to play the odd numbered timelines and button two to play the even numbered timelines. What should you do? You want to preview your menus on an external NTSC or PAL monitor. You attach the external monitor to the computer and turn it on. Your menus do not appear on the monitor. To troubleshoot this problem you would choose Edit Preferences > _____ under Video Out, select Show Menu Editor on DV Hardware; select the external monitor under the pull down menu What is the minimum requirement for a menu to be used as a Chapter Index menu? You have a menu where users can select the Active Audio Track. When they return to this menu you want the menu to indicate the active audio track they have been listening to. What should you do? You create an interactive kiosk with audio on each menu, set to loop a specified number of times. You want the DVD to return to the main menu from whichever motion menu the user happens to end on after a specified length of time. Which default menu property must you change? You create a training video describing factory processes from several divisions within the same factory. Currently all content, including several timelines, link back to the main menu. As you test your DVD, you decide to change the navigational structure to make it easier for the end user to watch content for each division independently. You add four submenus with links from the main menu, one for each division. Alter the user navigates to the submenu and clicks on one of the buttons to play a timeline, you want the user to return to the submenu, not the main menu. Which timeline property should you change? You have created a menu from several objects from the Library panel including six buttons. You want to align your buttons with the left edge of your title safe area and adjust the vertical spacing between them so that they are evenly spaced. What is the most efficient way to do this?