9A0-061 - Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 Professional ACE Exam

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Example Questions

When should you map a clip's source audio channels? You want to display only the name of your clips in a video track. You expand the track in your sequence. What should you? You want to see the video on which the title text will be overlaid. To accomplish this you should check Show Video in the Titler and then _____. What do you do to convert your static title into a rolling title? You are using the Adobe Title Designer. Which title property should you change to increase the space between lines of text in a title? You have applied an effect by using the Audio Mixer. Adding a new clip to the track will _____. How can you change a static DVD scene button to an animated button? What happens when you use the Slip tool to drag the center clip of three clips to the left? What should you do to pan a track that is mastered to 5.1 surround? You want to move many of your audio clips to different locations in a sequence. You also need to adjust the volume of all of the clips. To accomplish this, you should adjust the volume _____. Which statement is true? You want to overlay a timecode display on a video clip. What should you do? You want to use the same title in more than one project. What should you do? You want video playback to appear only on an external monitor, not on the program monitor in Premiere Pro. In the Playback Settings window, you accomplish this by _____. You have a graphics card that does NOT support Direct3D acceleration. Which setting should you select in the Desktop Display Mode area in the Playback Settings window? To make Clip Notes comments, you should play the video embedded in the PDF file, _____. What should you do to add a DVD marker to the Timeline? You want to export a movie to standard recordable CD media that can be played in a standard CD-ROM drive with an image quality comparable to VHS video. Which format in the Export Settings of the Adobe Media Encoder should you select? Why would you choose to burn a DVD to an ISO Image rather than directly to Disc or Folder? Which panel allows you to create settings that will allow you to capture only the video and NOT the audio from a clip on a digital video tape? What does adjusting the timecode display to Audio Units allow you to do? You want to crop a few pixels from the edges of a video that will be encoded to Windows Media format using the Adobe Media Encoder. Where is this function enabled in the Adobe Media Encoder Panel? What do you do to add a DVD Main Menu Marker at the current time indicator in the Timeline? Empty areas in an Adobe Illustrator file are converted to _____ when imported into Adobe Premiere Pro. Which statement about applying a single-sided transition is true? You created Volume keyframes in a track by using the Write automation method. Which statement is true? Which option in the Project Manager panel allows you to have extra footage at each end of your trimmed clips? Which is a system requirement for the use of a GPU transition? You need to shift the In and Out points of a clip forward or backward by the same number of frames in a single action. Which tool should you use? How should you edit an audio track that needs to be trimmed an amount less than a single frame? What should you do to export your sequence so that it can be streamed over the Internet? When should you select Collect Files and Copy to New Location in the Project Manger? What do you do to export a movie to be played on a CD-ROM? You are editing footage using the Multi-Camera Monitor. Which color is the active camera's border while it is in Playback Mode? You want to ensure that your video playback is displayed in the Program Monitor. What should you do? What is the function of batch capture? Which is the primary advantage of using a VST plug-in? The Page Curl transition does NOT appear in the list of transitions in the Video Transitions folders. What is the most likely reason for this? What does the Shuttle Control do in the Capture panel? You want to create text that follows a path. What should you do? You want to adjust the levels of an audio track by using the automation modes of the Audio Mixer. During Timeline playback, you want the automation to begin recording volume keyframe adjustments when you drag the volume slider. You want to stay at that volume until you drag the slider to a new position. Which automation mode of the Audio Mixer accomplishes this? You have a clip that has been logged for inclusion in a batch capture, but has NOT yet been captured. How does it appear in the Project panel? What is affected when applying an audio effect to an audio track in the Audio Mixer? Which statement about a rolling edit is true? What should you do to change the length of the video that shows inside your Animated buttons? You have created an offline project. You need to bring this project into an online editing system, and you need to re-capture the files with high-quality settings. To accomplish this, you should use the Project Manager and create a Trimmed Project _____. You want to create a video project that does NOT conform to common DV, HD or HDV settings. You want to use this project as a template for future projects. What should you do? What should you do to save a DVD folder in your hard drive? Where would you export a short video sequence as an animated .GIF file for use on a Web site? Which function is performed when the Show Video option is selected in the Adobe Title Designer?