9A0-045 - Adobe InDesign CS 2 ACE Exam

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Example Questions

When you look at the Pages palette, you notice that a spread requires flattening because of a transparency setting in an object of the spread. You want to determine which object or objects on the spread are triggering the need for Transparency Flattening. Which setting in the Flattener Preview palette do you use to see which objects in a spread are triggering the need for flattening? You are importing paragraph styles from one InDesign document to another. The Load Styles dialog box indicates that there is a conflict with an existing style. What should you do so that the existing style remains the same and the new style is still imported? You want content from an InDesign CS2 document in an InDesign CS document. What should you do? You work as a designer at . You have added a WAV file to an InDesign page, as well as a button to trigger the music when a PDF is exported for online viewing. There are no movies in the file. How can you ensure that users of Adobe Reader 5.0 and above are able to play the sound? Which should you choose in order to make the punctuation marks in a story hang outside the text margins? You open a file that contains a combination of inline and custom anchored objects. Which command displays a symbol indicating which anchored objects have a custom position? Which two allow you to find options for choosing a specific layer comp from a PSD file? (Choose two.) How do you arrange your document pages in two-page spreads? You are placing multimedia content in an InDesign document that will be exported to PDF and posted for online viewing. What is necessary for the readers to be able to view MPEG movies in the PDF? You place a Microsoft Word file with styles into an InDesign document that has styles with the same name. However, the InDesign styles have different formatting characteristics. What happens? You want to change the active layer comp in a placed Photoshop file while allowing other placements of the same file to stay as they were originally placed. What should you do? You make and name a gradient and store it in the Swatches palette. What happens if you select an object that has that gradient applied to it, and then modify the gradient with the Gradient palette? Which predefined flattener style should you use to rasterize as few objects as possible? You work as a designer at . You have an InDesign document with five text hyperlink sources, all have a rectangular outline. You want to remove the outline. What should you do? You are exporting your InDesign document to Adobe PDF and you want your images to be compressed using JPEG 2000 compression. What should you do so that JPEG 2000 is available in the Compression settings of the Export PDF dialog box? You want to create a blank header row in an existing table. Your insertion point is inside the table. Which command displays a dialog box where you can specify a blank header row that will automatically be positioned at the top of each divided portion of your table? Which setting creates transparency in your document? Which graphics format can contain objects with blending modes that are correctly supported by InDesign? Which mouse action proportionally resizes a selected frame and its content at the same time? Which setting in the Separations Preview palette allows you to view the difference between elements filled with a rich black (C60-M40-Y40-K100) and those filled with 100K? What is the role of a Color Management System (CMS) in a color managed workflow? You work as a designer at . You have a one page document with document control data in the slug area outside your bleed. You want to print this data. What should you do? You work as a designer at . You have copied a table from a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. You want a formatted table to be created when you paste into your InDesign document. Which setting should you choose? In a numbered paragraph, how should you apply color to the number that is different from the rest of the paragraph? You want to confine text to only a portion of a curved path when using the Path Type tool. What should you do? You work as a designer at . You have created an InDesign book file containing six documents. You select a Style Source in the Book palette and synchronize the book file. Which statement is true? What happens when a book is synchronized and styles or swatches in the document being synchronized are NOT in the style source file? Which three hypertext destinations are supported in InDesign? (Choose three.) You want to import an object style from another InDesign CS2 document (File A) in order to reformat an existing story (File B). In File B, an object style with the same name already exists. When you import the object style from File A, what happens to the existing object style with the same name in File B? Which is the result of double-clicking on the name of a graphic in the Links palette? Which action applies transparency to an object and creates a checkerboard pattern on its page icon within the Pages palette? Which Adobe Bridge workspace prominently displays image information such as keywords and creation date? How should you create a Snippet? Which movie playback option can be specified? Which can be contained in a Table of Contents style? Which will cause InDesign's Preflight to flag a problem with a file? How should you display the Quick Apply list? You want to vertically center the word "Typography" in a text frame. When you set the vertical alignment to center in the Control palette, the word does not appear to be centered. What should you do? You want to create a hyperlink that jumps to a specific word on a page. Which should you create first? When are you UNABLE to choose Separations as an output option in the Print dialog box? In an InDesign document with multiple layers, you want to combine the contents of several layers into a single layer, while still maintaining the stacking order of elements. To accomplish this, you select the layers in the Layers palette, then choose _____ from the palette menu. How should you change the display font used in the Story Editor? You work as a designer at . You have marked words to be included in the Index generated for a book, then changed the text formatting of the book's contents. Some of the words marked for indexing are now in overset text. What happens to the indexed words in the overset text if you generate the Index without rectifying the overset text condition? What should you choose to import a list of words into your User Dictionary? Which can be specified in a Document Preset? You work as a designer at . You have created an Illustrator file that uses multiple layers for language versions. You want to selectively display individual language versions from the Illustrator file when it is placed in InDesign. In which format must you save the Illustrator file? You want to import only two swatches from another InDesign file containing many swatches. What should you do? You want to put job and customer information outside the trim to identify the file during output. What must you do to ensure that the job information will print? You use Quick Apply to apply a paragraph style to a selected text frame. What is the result? How do you resize a graphic frame and its content simultaneously?