9A0-044 - Adobe Photoshop CS 2 ACE Exam

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Example Questions

You have a full color photograph with many different colors. Which file format should you use when optimizing this image for the web? Which type of layers are required when you are moving elements in a Web animation? You are printing an image to your desktop inkjet printer.You want to use a custom Icc profile for the paper to which you are printing.In the print with preview dialog box,you have specified the custom ICC profile as the printer Profile.Which color handling method should you use? What does the Proof Setup command allow a user to do? You have created a path by using the Pen tool. You want to transform the path using Perspective.What should you do? The palettes you use most often when working with images for print differ from the palettes you use for images for the web. You want to quickly switch from one set of palettes to another. What should you do for each arrangement of palettes? You are using Adobe Bridge to view metadata. You want to limit the information in each category to the information you use. What should you do? Which command should you use to print an image by using the current print settings WITHOUT displaying a dialog box? Which mask does a shape layer use by default? YOU want to print a document with shape layers. You want the vector data to be sent to the PostScript printer. What should you do? What is the purpose of setting a pixel aspect ratio for an image? What is the result of painting with a gray color in Quick Mask mode? Which is an advantage of using vector drawing tools rather than raster drawing tools? The Aligned checkbox for the pattern Stamp tool in the Options Bar ensures that----- You play default action located in the Actions palette. How do you undo the entire action? You take a picture with a digital camera using a long exposure time. You did NOT use tripod.Which Smart Sharpen filter setting should you choose to help eliminate blurriness in the image? You have created a raster layer mask that is currently hiding too much of a layer. You want to reveal more of the layer.What should youd do? You have saved a selection as a channel. You now want to load and reuse the selection. What should you do? You are producing a graphic for a Web site. The graphic contains a small number of colors, spread over solid areas.You want to ensure both the best appearance for the graphic and the most widespread support by web browser applications.Which file format is the most appropriate? You are preparing images for the web, which working RGB space should you use? Which three statement about Camera Raw images is true? Which is an advantage of working with 16-bit images rather than 8-bit images? You have a number of slices in an image that you will be saving for the Web. You want to apply the same optimization settings to several of the slices and ensure that they will share a color palette and dither pattern. What should you do? Which color mode should you use when the color image is to be printed,but the printing requirements are uncertain? You are using variables and data sets to create a series of web banners. One of the variables will use a pixel replacement. You want to scale the replacement image so that none of the bounding box is left empty, Which option should you choose for Pixel Replacement? An image with a correctly assigned input profile has been converted to Adobe RGB (1998).Which statement is true? Which is an advantage of using a vector drawing tool over a raster painting tool? Which type of slice is drawn to encompass an arbitrary area of a Photoshop document? What is the purpose of the Proof Setup command? You are using a selection tool.Which option smooths the jagged edges of a selection by softening the color transition between edge pixels and background pixels without losing any detail? Which Camera Raw setting allows the user to reassign a color of light in a photographed scene? You want to print a file without displaying a dialog box.Which command should you use? When should you rasterize a type layer? You have created an action to open Camera Raw images. You access the action by using the Batch command. In the source area, you have selected Suppress File Open Options Dialogs. What does this setting do? You have created a line of text. You want to reduce the amount of space between every character in the line. What should you do? You have created several custom contours for Drop shadow effects.You want to save the custom contours as a set while maitaining the default contours.What should you do? What do High Dynamic Range (HDR) Images allow you to do? You are processing a Camera Raw image using the Adobe Camera Raw dialog box. You want the settings you have created to be updated and applied to the image without opening it.what should you do? You want to create several colors to use in a number projects. You want to save the new colors independent of the defaults so that you can load them at any time. What should you do? When should you use a layer mask? You are creating an image for the web. The image contains transparent areas that were created by adding drop shadows to a layer wit a picture and to a text layer. What should you do in the Save for Web dialog box to fill fully transparent pixels with a selected color and a blend partially transparent pixels with the same color? What does the Temperature slider in the Adobe Camera Raw dialog control? You measure a laser printer's resolution in_______per inch and you measure an image's resolution in_______per inch Which filter allows you to apply different sharpening settings to shadows, highlights and midtones? You enable color management in your printer driver dialog box. You want to print an RGB image. Which color handling method should you choose in the print with preview dialog box? You want to store a selection in a separate file. What should you do? Which layer parameter can be saved when creating a Layer Comp? You are converting a document from one large gamut profile to another. You are most concerned about preserving the colors and maximizing the tonal range within the destination gamut. Which rendering intent should you use? You have set RGB Color Management Policies in the Color Settings dialog box to Off.What happens if a newly opened document's embedded color profile matches the current working space? How do you launch the Adobe Digital Negative Converter?