9A0-040 - Adobe Premiere Pro

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Example Questions

Which three transition settings can be made directly in the Effects Control window? (Choose three) You want to copy a single effect from clip A to clip B. You do NOT want to copy all effects from clip A. What should you do? Which button in the Project window allows you to override the default thumbnail that is displayed? Which three options allow you to capture analog video directly into your project? (Choose three.) How do you increase the volume of a clip? For which task should you choose Project > Unlink Media? Which question about capturing analog video in Adobe Premiere Pro is true? You want to move clip A from left to right across the screen with one full revolution. Which should you use? Which audio processing step occurs first when you import a project? You want to export your sequence to an NTSC DV movie for use in future NTSC DV projects. Which video options should you choose in the Export Movie Settings dialog box? When is the Apply Video Transition option in the Squence menu be available? Which edit is created by default when you drag a clip from a bin into the Timeline? You have copied a set of keyframes in the Effects Controls window. Where will the copied keyframes initially appear when you paste them in a second clip? Which transition setting for a wipe transition can be controlled from the Effects Control window? You want to import CD audio into your project. What should you do? You want to create transparency based on light or dark areas in your image. Which key should you use? Which statement about a static title created in the Adobe Title Designer is true? Which is a valid purpose for exporting video with sequence markers? You want to change the appearance of thumbnails in a sequence window. What should you do? You want to resize the Work Area Bar over a contiguous range of clips. What should you do? You are editing a video that will be viewed over the Internet through a Web browser. Which setting should you choose from the General submenu of the Project Settings dialog box? When would you choose an option from the Audio Display Format pop-up box in the General submenu of the Project Settings dialog box? You want to export your sequence with an alpha channel for later import into an NTSC DV project. Which compression method should you choose in the Export Movie Settings dialog box? Which automation mode in the Audio Mixer window should you use if you want automation to start only when you begin to adjust a value, and the value to remain where it is when you stop adjusting it. When is digital audio conformed to the project settings? Which media format is only available when exporting a timeline using the Adobe Media Encoder? For which type of project would it be acceptable to ignore or turn off the Title Safe function in the Title Designer? Which type of file is created when you choose Project > Export Batch List? You want to ensure that a title will be completely visible on a television set. Which command should you choose? Your sequence has several clips on the Timeline. The edit points for the clips are timed to the beat of a music soundtrack. The edit point between the third and fourth clips are NOT in sync with the music. You want to drag the edit point between clips three and four to the correct location WITHOUT affecting any of the other edit points. Which tool should you use? You want to create a smooth, semi circle text path. What should you do?. You want to add an additional keyframe directly to a clip on the timeline. You select the clip and set it to Show Keyframes for the filter you want to add a keyframe to. Which tool should you use to add a new keyframe to the clip? You are dragging the shuttle slider in the Monitor window to the left. What happens as you move the slider further to the left? You want to apply the same amount of transparency to an entire clip. What should you do? What is the default crossfade between two audio tracks when you choose Sequence > Add Audio Transition? Which setting determines the speed of a rolling or crawling title? Which equipment does Adobe Premiere Pro support natively and is necessary for device control of an external digital video device? For which task should you choose Project > Automate to Sequence? You are using device control with a non-DV device. You want to control this device direclty from Adobe Premiere Pro. Which is required? You want a title to fade in over a clip. What should you do? An image has a particular color in it. You want all of the pixels with that color to be transparent. What is the term for this process? Which task can be accomplished from the Audio Mixer window? Your timeline is set to display keyframes. You want to set a new keyframe for a property in the timeline. What should you do? Which term is an invisible channel that defines transparent areas for the clip that contains the channel? Which portion of the timeline is represented in the Effect Controls window? You want to slow down the speed of a credit roll you have created as a rolling title in the Adobe Title Designer. What should you do? You are working in the Adobe Title Designer. You want your title to begin off screen, roll from the bottom to the top, and finish off screen. What should you do? Under which circumstance should you choose Audio Units in the Source view menu? You want to know where in your video frame you can display a title that will NOT be cut off when viewed on a video monitor. Which setting in the Monitor window should you use? You are editing the middle of three adjacent clips. You want to shift the In and Out points of the clip forward or backward by the same number of frames by using a single action. You do NOT want to change the duration of the clip or affect the adjacent clips. Which tool should you use?