9A0-035 - Adobe Illustrator CS ACE Exam

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Example Questions

Which guideline improves the quality of printing in your blends, gradients, and gradient mesh objects? Which command should you use to change the color of the Artboard? Where in the Save for Web dialog box can you choose a modem speed to display the correct estimated download time at the bottom of each optimized image option? Your artwork contains overlapping objects. In which situation may trapping be unnecessary when producing color separations? You want to build an SWF animation with the objects on a layer. Which option in the Layers palette menu places each object on its own layer? You want to create an envelope for a text object. Before creating the envelope, what should you do to the path you want to use as the envelope to ensure that it distorts the text object? When setting the rasterization quality for a file in the Document Rasterization Settings dialog box, you set the background to transparent. By selecting Background Transparent, which setting in this dialog is no longer necessary? You have entered several lines of text in a paragraph. What should you do to increase the line spacing within the paragraph? You are saving irregular shaped objects that have transparent areas as JPEG images for the Web. Which option in the Save for Web dialog box allows you to set the color for transparent areas? You have created an enveloped object with a text object and a path object. You want to edit the text. What should you do? You have created a clipping mask, but need to remove one object from the clipping group without deleting it. What should you do? In which situation should you use Adobe Illustrator instead of Adobe Photoshop? Which file format will allow you to create a Web graphic with a small file size, and that will not lose resolution as you enlarge it? You have received text and graphic files that will be imported into an Adobe Illustrator document. The files were created on Windows and Macintosh platforms. You need to determine if you have the appropriate fonts on your computer. What should you do? Which statement is true about files saved in the Illustrator (.ai) file format? Which transparency blend mode multiplies the inverse of the blend and base colors, always resulting in a lighter color? Where would you change the Adobe Single-line Composer to the Adobe Every-line Composer? Which is a benefit of the slicing feature in Illustrator? You have created a new process color by using the color palette. You want to add that color as a spot color to the Swatches palette bypassing the New Swatch dialog box. What should you do? You have created an Illustrator document that has multiple pages. Which Artboard setting in the Document Setup dialog box allows you to print a specific range of pages matching the settings in the Print Setup (Windows) or Page Setup (Mac OS) dialog box? Which statement about clipping masks in Adobe Illustrator is true? A group of objects has transparency applied. How do you set the objects to knock out one another? You need to design your company logo so that it can be used in your product brochures, letterhead, website, and as a large four foot by eight foot banner for your trade show booth. Which scenario best fits your needs? You have placed a Microsoft Word document in a type container. You want to change all the type to Helvetica Bold. What is the most efficient way to do this? Which is a benefit of exporting a file to Photoshop format (PSD)? Which statement describes modifications resulting from applying a filter or an effect? You are exporting artwork as an Illustrator Legacy file that is compatible with Illustrator 10. You have selected Embed All Fonts. Which statement is true when using the file on a system that does not have the original fonts? You want to delete crop marks that were set directly in your artwork using the Object > Crop Area > Make option. What should you do to delete the crop marks? Which statement about clipping masks is true? Why would you export a file using the Illustrator Legacy file format? What is the location of the default settings that determine the resolution when complex mesh objects are rasterized? Within the Stroke palette, you have entered a stroke weight in centimeters (cm) for a selected object. Adobe Illustrator converts the stroke weight to an equal value in points. Which setting allows you to change the stroke width to units displayed in centimeters? Which statement about this Glyphs palette is true? You have applied a shape mode to selected objects. How should you restore the objects to their original appearance? Which file format supports partial opacity when exporting an Adobe Illustrator document? You want to create an object that will stretch artwork evenly along the length of a path. Which tool should you use? You are exporting an Adobe Illustrator file to the PNG format. Which setting in the PNG Options dialog box displays low-resolution versions of the image as the file downloads in a browser, making the download time seem shorter, but also increasing file size? Which Illustrator Legacy Option Version setting allows you to turn off compression? In color management settings, which rendering intent compares the source white point to that of the destination and shifts color accordingly? You need to create multiple sets of crop marks in your document. What should you do? You want to flatten all transparency for raster objects when printing. Which Transparency setting in the Document Setup dialog box should you use? Which two file formats are supported by Web browsers? (Choose two.) Which are two major features of Adobe Illustrator? (Choose two.) Which is a native file format in Adobe Illustrator 11? Which type feature allows you to hang punctuation in the margins of a selected paragraph? Which file format allows you to create resolution-independent Web graphics that support JavaScript? Which palette allows you to check what areas of your artwork are affected by transparency? You are designing a logo that needs to look smooth when resized larger or smaller. Which application should you use? You need to set the resolution and screen frequency for printing your image to a laser printer or imagesetter. What should be the general relationship between the resolution and the screen frequency to obtain the highest quality halftone? Which command simulates how a document appears WITHOUT converting colors to the proof profile space?