9A0-019 - Adobe Photoshop 6.0 Product Proficiency

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Example Questions

You are working with a 3 inch 5 inch image that will be printed on gloss paper with a line screen of 133. Which resolution should you use for the image. You have created point type consisting of one word. You want the first character to be lower than the other characters in the word. After selecting the first character, what should you do? You want to make certain areas of a completely opaque layer partially transparent. You have added a new layer mask. What should you do? You want to use the Lighting Effects filter. The option is grayed out. What should you do? You want a color correction to be applied to images as their data is sent to a printer. Which option on the Output pop-up menu of the Print Options dialog box should you use? Which format supports layers in Adobe Photoshop? Which defect can occur when scanning a photo from a printed document? You have placed 12 TIFF files that have embedded color space profiles in a folder. You want to apply in action to all of the files that runs WITHOUT interruption or supervision. What should you do? You are printing a 72 ppi image and choose to scale the image to 50% in the Print Options dialog box. To which resolution will the image be printed? You have created an elliptical marquee. You want to manipulate the selection edge with image editing tools. What should you do? The foreground color is red. You create a new shape Layer by suing the polygon toll. How do you change the color of the polygon? You want to randomly display 7% of the pixels on a layer. What should you do? You have an RGB image. The presence of ______ in parts of the channel indicates the presence of red in the image that location. Which blending mode should you use to create a drop shadow? You have an existing selection. You click on the option bar. How will a new selection interact with the existing selection? You want to create a selection by using the elliptical marquee tool. Which key should you press to reposition the marquee while drawing it? You want to save custom color setting in the Settings menu of the Color Setting dialog box. Where should you save the color setting file? Which option is available when you save file in EPS format? With which format can you save a document and maintain all alpha channels and layers? You want to create a droplet from an action. What should you do? You have created a simple graphic with flat color and type that will be used on a Web site. Which file format should you use to save the documents? Which command or tool effects all linked layers? What is the most efficient method to isolate a complex object form is background? You are correcting images that will be incorporated into a Web site. You primary audience will be viewing the images on Windows-based computers. You want to simulate how the images will appear on the majority of their monitors. Which value should you enter for the Gamma setting in the Adobe Gamma dialog box? Which statement about vector graphics is true? You want to modify the lossiness setting to vary the compression of different areas on a Web graphic. What must be created before you can apply the settings? You want to save an image with file size compression but NO loss in image quality. Which file format should you select? What is an advantage of making a Curves adjustment by using an adjustment layer? You have created a multichannel file with two spot color channels. There are no other channels inn the file. Which file format should you use when saving the file? You want to scan line art in Bitmap mode and print the image. At which resolution should you scan the line art? You have created a Photoshop document that contains two spot channels. You need to place the graphic din a page layout application. Which file format should you use to save the document? You have create a button with text in Adobe ImageReady. You want to add a rollover effect. After adding a new state, how can you change the appearance of the new state? What is the purpose of the Adobe Gamma utility? Which painting tool allows only hard-edged brushstrokes? What is and advantage of using Every-line composer when creating paragraph type? What should you use to make a pattern? When should you use pixels instead of points as units which creating a type layer? You have seamed an image into Adobe Photoshop. You have a profile for your scanner. Which command should you use to ensue that the image is properly color managed? To add a set of actions to an existing Actions palette chose _____ from the Actions palette menu. You want to create a rollover. Which palette should you use to modify the image for the rollover state? You want to create a pattern fill layer that only applies to a selected area of your image. What should you do? Which option is available when saving an image as Photoshop EPS? A layer contains a shape filled with a solid color. You want to fill the shape with a gradient. What should you do? You have used the Warp Text command to create an effect on text. Which statement is true? You have created an action that you want to run on a folder of images. Which destination option within the Batch command saves the files to a new location and leaves the originals untouched? Which filter are you most likely to need after resampling an image? Which adjustment allows you to use a gamma value to set midtones? What are two methods to create custom layer styles? (Choose two.) How do you turn off Thumbnails in the Layers palette? If you are working in a two-layer document, how should you make the top layer display only where it overlaps the content of the low layer.