98-367 - Security Fundamentals

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You are taking over the security of an existing network. You discover a machine that is not being used as such, but has software on it that emulates the activity of a sensitive database server. What is this? What item, about the size of a credit card, allows access to a network and its resources? Which of the following can be used to implement two-factor authentications? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose all that apply. What type of attack relies on the attacker tricking the sending host into thinking his or her system is the receiving host, and the receiving host into thinking his or her system is the sending host? (Choose the best answer.) Which of the following are the types of OS fingerprinting techniques? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose two. What type of firewall is also known as a proxy server? Which of the following are the Internet Explorer security zones? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose three. _________ is an email validation system that is designed to verify that an email is coming from the proper email server. Which of the following are components of Network Access Protection? (Choose all that apply.) Which of the following ports is used by the Remote Desktop Protocol? In Windows, what do you use to enable auditing? What type of firewall filters packets based on IP address and ports? Which of the following file systems offers the best security? You are trying to establish communications between a client computer and server. The server is not responding. You confirm that both the client and the server have network connectivity. Which should you check next? Which of the following is defined as a digitally signed statement used to authenticate and to secure information on open networks? What do you call unsolicited junk email? A group of users has access to Folder A and all of its contents. You need to prevent some of the users from accessing a subfolder inside Folder A. Your company maintains a Web server that is accessible to the public. It should be placed in a/an: Which three file system objects can you specify the NTFS permissions for? (Choose three.) By default, what level of security is set for the Local intranet zone? What type of attack tries to guess passwords by every combination of characters? If you are deploying technologies to restrict access to a resource, you are practicing the security principle known as _________ _______________ is the term used to describe two or more authentication methods used to authenticate someone. Which of the following can be implemented to ensure that the computers are using latest security updates? Mark works as a Desktop Administrator for TechMart Inc. The company has a Windows-based network. He has bees assigned a project to upgrade the browsers to Internet Explorer (IE) 8 for working with the latest Internet technologies Mark wants to ensure that the company uses a number of the security features built into the browser while maintaining functionality within the company's intranet. Mark is also educating his users to be good Internet citizens and use the safe web sur?ng. Which of the following actions will Mark take to configure Internet zone feature in IE 8 and to enable users to easily browse the local intranet without disturbing the security levels? The larger the ___________ of a particular environment, the greater the risk of a successful attack. What is the pimary advantage of using Active Directory Integrated Zones? On which OSI layer do TCP and UDP function? In which of the following is the file audit events are written when auditing is enabled? Many Internet sites that you visit require a user name and password. How should you secure these passwords? Which of the following can be installed and configured to prevent suspicious emails from entering the user's network? Which of the following terms refers to the access of a wireless Internet connection by bringing one's own computer within the range of another's wireless connection, and using that service without the subscriber's explicit permission or knowledge? The type of attack that relies on a weakness in an operating system or an application is known as a(n) _____ ______ is another name for junk email. Which of the following is not a complex password? Where are users and permissions stored for an NTFS folder? Which of the following points has to be considered for using the BitLocker? If you want to control what updates get pushed to clients within your organization, you would use _______ Or ________ What type of permissions are assigned directly to a file or folder? What are the main classes of biometric characteristics? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose two. Which of the following is a broadcast domain created by a switch? The four mechanisms used by NAP to restrict network access and enforce policies are ________ ,_________ , ________ and ________ Which of the following are valid firewall types? (Choose the best answer.) Which of the following security methods can be used to detect the DoS attack in order to enhance the security of the network? What type of software can you use to view usernames and passwords broadcasted over the network? How many firewalls would you use to create a sandwich DMZ? By default, the ____________ group has full access to all resources within a domain? Which of the following is the result of setting the value of Enforce Password History to 10? What OSI layer do switches and bridges use? What type of electronic document contains a public key?

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