98-366 - Networking Fundamentals

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Example Questions

You are employed as a senior administrator at ABC.com. You are responsible for running training exercises for trainee administrators. You are currently covering the layers of the Open Systems Interconnect (OSI) model. You are explaining the Data-link layer. Which of the following best describes the Data-link layer of the OSI model? How many B channels does an ISDN PRI support? For IPv4, what class is used for multicasting? What is the loopback IP address? What technology uses wires from the telephone company to provide broadband Internet connection? What type of communication is sent to a single designated host? What command tests network connectivity while showing you each hop along the way? What type of firewall works on the Session layer that creates a connection and allows packets to flow between the two hosts without further checking? Which protocol do you use as the transport protocol for a video application? A ________ is the guaranteed certain amount of information provided by a circuit or line. Which model users a central database for authentication? What mode users a wireless access point? What type of address is What is the central device used in wireless LANs? What server is used to translate host names to IP addresses? What speed does a T1 run at? What type of firewall do you use to block access to certain websites or instant messengers? Which two of the following are connectivity options for wide area networks (WANs)? (Choose two.) What do you call it when electrical signals jump to another set of wires? DHCP service not functioning, which IP address will show up when doing and IPCONFIG? What command do you use to clear the DNS cache on a local system? What allows a user to connect to a corporate network using the Internet.? What type of address is used to send a single set of packets to multiple hosts? Which layer in the OSI model includes the cable and network adapters? What command do you use to release the IP configuration handed out by a DHCP server? After you install DHCP servers and configure and activate a scope, what is the last step in installing a DHCP server? Highest level security for wireless? Which model has each host have their own security database? If you want to connect a computer directly to another computer without using a switch, you use a __________. When you pick up your wireless phone, your computer drops network connectivity. What could be the cause of the problem? You have a subnet mask of What would the CIDR notation be? What command clears the NetBIOS name cache table? What standard describes CSMA/CD? What technology takes data and breaks them into packets and sends them over a network, sometimes using different routes for each packet? List the four steps for a client to get an IP address from a DHCP server in the correct order When a packet traverses a network, each router is a _____. Which layer of the OSI model is used to create a connection so that a host can transfer files? Which layer in the OSI model is used to verify that data was delivered without error? What is the primary disadvantage of X.25? You are employed as a network designer at ABC.com. You have been instructed to design a network strategy for ABC.com. The strategy should allow for the segregation of hosts and segments, while managing broadcast traffic. What feature within Windows allows the server to act as a router? What ports are defined above 49,152? In Europe, what circuit would be similar to the T1 found in the United States? VPNs are implemented to provide: If you are making a crossover cable and one end is 568A, what should the other end be? What acts as a middleman that translates between internal and external addresses and that caches previously accessed web pages so that it can provide those more quickly in the future? What port does PPTP use? What is the most common adapter or connector used to connect a computer to a wired network? You have a computer with an address of and a subnet mask of, yet you cannot connect to your local file servers. What is most likely the problem? TCP/IP and IPX/SPX are known as _________ stacks.

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