840-423 - Executing Cisco Advanced Business Value Analysis and Design Techniques

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Example Questions

Which is a critical first step when thinking about how to communicate technical content to a senior business manager? Which choice is a Cisco Channel Partner ecosystem subject expert, recommended for you to use as a source of insight? Which option is a key concept of the unique Cisco sales approach? Which option is a nonfinancial impact? Which option represents a business constraint for a video solution? What is a gap analysis used to identify? Which pieces of information help to assess user readiness for a rollout? You are working on a project to install a new RFID system for a logistics company. Which obstacle to realizing benefits should you expect? An implementation roadmap should be structured around which two items? (Choose two.) Which tool or document can help you identify areas of gaps in knowledge about your customer's overall strategy and operating model? Which option is part of an implementation strategy? Which discovery methods or aids typically cost a fee? According to research, what is the leading reason that technology projects fail? What is an example of a financial benefit? What is a key diferentiator of the Cisco Data Analytics market solution? Which two communications or interpersonal skills are critical for an Enterprise IT Business Specialist? (Choose two.) Which option describes a reason to document the benefits and risks expected from a business case? A reference model provides value through which two features? (Choose two.) Which statement describes a risk that is associated with relying on a customer's IT department? Which statement describes a benefit of using SWOT analysis? Which statement about why stakeholder analysis for a large initiative can be challenging is true? What is the definition of "Cost Structure" in the Business Model Canvas? Which statement about implementation timelines is true? Which is the preferred aid to help you structure discovery meetings with customers? Which statement explains why a requirement is different than a viewpoint? Which statement describes when it is a good time to apply a "use case"? Which statement about how Business Model Canvas diagrams are a useful tool is true? Which two are characteristics of using effective questions to gather information? (Choose two.) Which is the most effective way to assess sales team benefits from an enhanced wireless and security infrastructure? Which option describes what a change leader is responsible for? Which option is recommended when you document potential solution options? How does a business value approach contribute to the sales process? Which statement about assumptions that are defined when you create the business case is true? Which option is used to describe a customer's vision, mission, strategy, and major initiatives? Which describes a business capability assessment? According to Cisco best practice, which option must you understand before you identify business outcome opportunities? What is a primary benefit of asking questions to stakeholders who do not have strong decision authority over project funding, but who do have relevant experience? Which IT roles should be interested in requirements for solution adoption? Your company wants to increase sales by selling in new countries and by getting more repeat orders and revenue from current customers. What is one technique that can help to communicate how technology solutions can improve business outcomes? Which financial analysis term or technique identifies if an investment is of benefit to the company? Which statement describes a benefit of using scenarios for business transformation? Which action should you take when you analyze financial and non-financial factors for a business case? Which option best reflects information that must be captured before you create the business case? A value chain analysis places focus on which two main areas? (Choose two.) Which two statements are true about Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Critical Success Factors (CSFs)? (Choose two.) Which statement best describes the Cisco sales approach? Which customer-provided sources would give you insight into a public company's recent financial condition? Which statement about a "viewpoint" is true? Which statement describes the benefit of identifying solution interdependencies? Which option describes what extending requirements analysis allows you to do?