820-422 - Performing Business-Focused Transformative Architecture Engagements

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Example Questions

What is the outcome of the Network Architecture Vision Workshop? Which is an internal record and something you should review prior to a Transformative Networking engagement? Which question would be appropriate for use in uncovering customer's business challenges? A route group is made up of which components? In stakeholder mapping and prioritizing using the Influence vs.Interest factors, which group should we keep satisfied? Which statement about 'enabling solutions' is true? What does a customer value proposition describe? What are the three phases of Transformative Networking, in the correct order? What is the main objective of using `Process Questions' in information gathering activities? Individuals from which role should be invited to attend Transformative Networking Workshop? Which accurately describes the main aspects of the gap analysis approach? What does Transformative Networking enable customers to do? What should you do if the Discovery phase uncovers a previously unknown infrastructure weakness? What will Cisco and Cisco partners be able to do with a consultative and business-oriented approach? What does the Unique Architecture Roadmap show? Which two are customer benefits from Transformative Networking engagements? (Choose two.) What is the ITIL definition of a service? What does Transformative Networking assist customers to do? In the Transformative Networking workshop, when is it appropriate to use a PowerPoint presentation? Which represents a long-term business strategy? What do Transformative Networking Engagements help Cisco and partners to do? What understanding will a consultative selling approach give you as you engage with customers? A phone has a device CSS that includes the partitions phones and PSTN. This provides access for all internal phones and external calls. The first line on this phone has a CSS that includes the partitions phones, 911, and local. If a call is placed to a long-distance number, will the call be completed and why or why not? Which describes the key characteristics and content of a personal pitch? Transformative Networking provides Cisco with the opportunity to do what? When should you quote a price for a maintenance contract? What is the outcome of the Proposal phase of Transformative Networking? Which statement represents the tactical goal of an initial customer meeting? What does focusing on Cisco Architectural Plays allow you to do? Which statement about a network assessment is accurate? Which Cisco Unified CallManager RTMT component retrieves real-time information that exists on nodes in the cluster? Which describes goals for holding a workshop? In a Cisco Unified Communications Manager 8.0 cluster, how is database replication accomplished for run-time data? Which option is an "impacting" solution? Where is a Standard Local Route Group configuration applied? What is the preferred way to gain insight into the current cash position and financial condition of a privately-owned customer? What is the first step in helping to differentiate yourself with your customers? Which deliverable shows projects arranged according to complexity and effects on business results? In preparing for a Transformative Networking engagement with a healthcare corporation, which would be a good company-provided source of information? Which question is appropriate for the Transformative Networking engagement? What is the definition of a feature? An Enterprise Architect should be used to help accomplish which goals? Which two options are functions of Cisco Unified CallManager RTMT? (Choose two.) What does "priority vs.impact" show? Why should a Transformative Architecture Specialist provide input into a business case? Which statement is true regarding assumptions made in the business case? What is the preferred time scope for a business impact statement? What is the definition of a risk? What is the purpose of discovering facts about the customer's current environment? Which is a business-focused engagement deliverable and also directly leads to new product plus services opportunities?