820-421 - Applying Cisco Specialized Business Value Analysis

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Example Questions

You are conducting a project jointly with the customer IT manager for a Customer Division Executive. Which statement is true about presenting recommendations to an Executive? Which is a benefit from establishing credibility with multiple customer stakeholders? What relieves a customer's pain points and directly enables business results? What is the recommended way to treat a current customer capability weakness? Which is the recommended approach or activity for extending requirements analysis? A reference model provides value through which two features? (Choose two.) Which tool or document can help you identify areas of gaps in knowledge about your customer's overall strategy and operating model? Which is the preferred aid to help you structure discovery meetings with customers? Which choice is a Cisco Channel Partner ecosystem subject expert, recommended for you to use as a source of insight? Which approach is recommended for gaining deeper insight into pain points raised by a senior customer business leader? An implementation roadmap should be structured around which two items? (Choose two.) What should a business case executive summary contain? When establishing a current view of your customer, which is an appropriate internal source of information? Which reason would be appropriate to disqualify a solution from being included in your recommendations? Which is an example of 'solution benefits described in business terms'? Which is the most effective way to assess sales team benefits from an enhanced wireless and security infrastructure? Which piece of data should give you insight into a top executive stakeholder's business priorities? What is an example of a financial benefit? How are you able to deliver capabilities when using transition architecture approaches to change? What is a business use case? What is a gap analysis used to identify? Assuming the customer is a retail store chain, which describes a business benefit from using technology? Which is the Cisco recommended technique for verifying the 'as-is' state of the business? Which is true regarding a first pass draft of the business case? What is the reason for identifying business case dependencies? Which is an appropriate way to gain data useful for analyzing stakeholder support and power? Which is true regarding mapping solutions and capabilities? What two factors could influence the duration of a transition? (Choose two.) What part of the benefits realization approach includes documentation and tracking of actual results vs. projections? Which two are elements of a business case? (Choose two.) Which statement is true? Why would an investment analyst report be a good source of company information? Which two reflect buy-in to an implementation approach? (Choose two.) Which would you reflect through a "To-Be" Business Model Canvas? What should your next step be once you have completed defining your recommended solution? How can business capability increments lend structure to work packages and reduce risk? Which of the following should you do when defining assumptions? Which two insights would a private company executive expect you to know about their industry? (Choose two.) Which tool should you use to identify the benefits from possible solutions? Which individual is recommended as the author for a business case introduction? Which describes a business capability assessment? Which two are parts of an implementation strategy? (Choose two.) Which corresponds to the definition of a blueprint? What should you do in identifying solutions that fulfill the capability needs of the customer? Which statement about a "viewpoint" is true? The business value approach helps you to do what? Which of the following statements is true? What should you consider when recommending solutions? Which customer-provided sources would give you insight into a public company's recent financial condition? Which two items are described as part of a business scenario? (Choose two.)