810-420 - Understanding Cisco Business Value Analysis Fundamentals Exam

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Example Questions

What is the definition of "Cost Structure" in the Business Model Canvas? Which tool should you use to document the findings of your CxO interviews? Which two statements are true? (Choose two.) How should a team use findings from discovery meetings? What does a plan for meeting with the CxO allow you to do? Which represents a dependency? Which is true about 'target state capabilities'? Which two steps of the Customer Conversation Framework bridge the gap between the business and technology parts of the conversation? (Choose two.) If you identify a stakeholder as having high interest and high power within a target company, where in the power grid should you place the stakeholder? Why is it important to identify customer expectations of a solution provider? Which is a difference between pain points and opportunities? Which two options are sources for business capability models? (Choose two.) When establishing a current view of your customer, which two are internal sources of information? (Choose two.) Which is a factor used to identify relevant senior executives for a project? What is a "to be" Business Model Canvas used for? When reviewing public financial information published by the company, what data will you find? Which represents a customer opportunity? Which option reflects the value of mapping of solutions vs. capabilities? Which is a customer benefit from a Cisco solution? Which would be considered an internal SME? Why should the solution be presented in business terms? Which two options are elements in your business case? (Choose two.) What activity must be performed before you can build a refined Business Model Canvas? Which option represents a customer pain point? Which question would be appropriate to ask a Partner SME, when doing a project for a private company? Which tool should you use to establish personal credibility? Which tool enables you to gain a high level view of your customer's business? Which would be considered a 3rd party source of information about a company? A Business Motivation Model helps to describe which aspect? When should you establish credibility with customers?