77-885 - Access 2010

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Example Questions

Which of the following Report Layout tools is used to specify the color, width, and line style for the outline of the selected field of a report? You work as a Database Designer for Tech Perfect Inc. The company has a Windows Vista-based computer with Microsoft Office 2010 installed on it. You want to ensure that the databases created in Microsoft Office Access 2010 save in the Microsoft Access 2003 format. Which of the following options will you choose in the Access Options dialog box to accomplish the task? Which of the following field properties allows you to enter a "" string in a field to indicate that there is no value for that field? You have two tables named Customers and Orders created in Microsoft Office Access 2010. In Orders table, each order has a customer ID. You want to correspond it to a record in the Customers table. Which of the following will you use to accomplish the task? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose all that apply. You have created a form named Details in Microsoft Office Access 2010. You want to add new elements, change the header/footer, and apply a new theme to the form. Which of the following tabs will you choose to accomplish the task? Where can a user add any Access command as a button in Microsoft Access 2010? In which of the following views does the program window open when a user starts Microsoft Office Access 2010 without opening a database? Which of the following properties binds the forms and reports to a source from which data is to be retrieved? You have a table named Projects created in Microsoft Office Access 2010. You are required to make some changes in the table's data. In which of the following views will you open the table to accomplish the task?

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