700-703 - Application Centric Infrastructure for Field Engineers Exam

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Example Questions

Which option lists the endpoint groups that are supported in an ACI fabric? Which logical representation of policies between endpoint groups in application-centric infrastructure is provided by one EPG and consumed by another? In an ACI fabric what is equivalent to a VRF that separates routing instances and can be used for administrative separation? Which protocol is used in the ACI fabric for topology discovery? What is the maximum number of configurable vPC links in an ACI fabric? ACI fabric supports discovery, boot, inventory, and system maintenance processes using which components? Where in the APIC GUI are local users created? Which ACI fabric concept is used to reduce the of policy tables in ACI fabrics? Which option describes the initial configuration steps that the tenant administrator must perform in the ACI fabric? How are VLAN tags used in an ACI fabric? Which logical separator is applied to traffic administration visibility and other operational aspects of the ACI fabric? Which aspect of the fabric defines the communication between endpoint groups? Which best practice for virtual machine management domains must be used in an ACI fabric? Where in the APIC GUI are Layer 2 and Layer 3 network created? What is the primary role of an application-centric infrastructure? What are the four aspects of an endpoint group contract? Which application- centric infrastructure container is used for IP subnets and can be used to define a Layer 2 boundary? Which two configurations must be used when configuring the ACI fabric for OSPF? (Choose two). How are endpoint location and identity mapping learned in an ACI fabric? Which protocols are used to resolve hypervisor-to-leaf node attachment in an ACI fabric? Where in the APIC GUI is VMM domain created? What is required to deploy a VLAN pool on leaf switch? Where in the APIC GUI are device packages imported? Which routing protocols are supported in the ACI fabric for layer 3connectivity external to the fabric? What is an application network profile in application-centric infrastructure? Which two options describe information that is included in the VXLAN VND to identify forwarding information between the ingress nodes? (Choose two) Which two options describe functions of the Council of Oracles Protocol? (Choose two.) During ACI fabric initialization, both spine and leaf nodes request which configurations from the APIC cluster? Which in an ACI fabric can configure vPCs?