700-410 - Accelerating Cisco Partner Led Sales Excellence

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Example Questions

You are already selling into a large account in your territory. You have successfully sold a number of technologies, but you are trying to refresh & grow revenues with this customer. Which two approaches will help you to succeed? Choose 2 You are about to meet a Partner Sales Manager to discuss your plan for the new quarter. You understand the market dynamics and how they will drive or impact the plan. However, you want to ensure that you understand what you can achieve together.Which two questions should you ask before the meeting? (Choose 2) Which set of criteria do you use to assess your customers when you map your territory? You are building your territory plan and want to assess the number of accounts you will be working on. There are 2500 identified accounts in your territory and 900 have already been mapped as "direct touch". How many accounts left in your territory? After you close your deal, which two steps should you take next to maximize this opportunity? Which two reasons why you should "pick your battles" when going after accounts with large potential but where you have a low share of the potential are true? Choose 2 Your manager insists on winning more business at ACME ENTERTAINMENT. This account has a medium to large size of potential but we currently only have a medium share of the potential. Which two actions will make your manager happy? (Choose 2) How would you use Installed Base Lifecycle Management in the planning process? You are about to visit an existing customer to talk about the latest Cisco solutions. What question should you ask yourself before you visit this customer? At which stage of the sales process should you offer a demo of Cisco solutions? How do you decide whether to "farm" rather than "hunt" your accounts? What is a BOM, which you must present at the proposal phase of a deal? For which type of customer do you "cast the net wide"? You are helping your Partner Sales Representatives understand what marketing tools are available to help them acquire new accounts. Which two weapons/resources can you direct them to for account acquisition? (Choose 2) You are assessing a BYOD opportunity. During the conversation, you understand that no budget has been assigned to buying a Cisco solution. Which two questions must you answer to determine the likelihood of a deal? (Choose 2) Which option describes how you would best approach planning for customers with a small to medium amount of potential? On average, how much time can an exclusively phone-based sales person with 250 customers spend with each customer per month? What is Value Based Negotiation? Assuming you know how many accounts you want to focus on in your Territory Plan, which two options best describe what you must find out about the vertical segments that they are located within? (Choose 2) How many phases are there in the i5 territory or account planning process? How many distinct stages are in the typical selling process? Why do you start your territory plan by defining the number of accounts in the territory, the number of accounts you touch, and the vertical markets that they are situated within? The prospecting phase of the sales management process is about converting leads into sales. Which two things should you do with potential customers when you analyze their potential? (Choose 2) You are close to signing the deal with the customer and you have four options. Which approach do you think is better? Your territory has 3,000 accounts. After the direct accounts are taken out, you still have 2,100 accounts in your territory. The main vertical is healthcare, where you have very little presence. The second vertical is financial services, which is a vertical you specialize in. The third vertical is manufacturing, where you have done some business. Where would you focus your efforts during the planning phase? In deciding whether you need to create a territory plan or an account plan, what two statements best reflect the most important actions you need to take or information that you need to consider? (Choose 2) Which two options describe accounts that are best served by using Installed Base Lifecycle Management as a sales approach? (Choose 2) Your customer agrees with the budget and solution that you present to them. However, they cannot find the amount across their budgets. Which two options are the best possible solutions to this problem? (Choose 2) When should you use Cisco campaign and marketing resources available on Partner Marketing Central? You have identified that a customer has a specific requirement for a Cisco solution and want to qualify them further. What approach should you take in presenting to them what you think is the right solution? Which two things do you need to "nurture" customers with low potential but where you have a large share of the potential? You have qualified a customer needs and requirements and it looks promising. However, no budget allocated to the project. Is no budget a sure sign that no deal can be made? Which two statements about how to determine if a project return on investment is acceptable to your customer are true? (Choose 2) You are about to launch a campaign to drive new prospects and leads. Which three activities ensure the highest probability of success? (Choose 3) How many hours a month can a typical sales account manager with 50 customers spend with each customer?