700-303 - Advanced Borderless Network Architecture Systems Engineer Exam

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Example Questions

Which two statements about Cisco Cloud Web Security are correct? (Choose two) Which is a software feature available in Cisco IOS Software recommended to be positioned at the network access layer? Which solution will defend the network by gathering global threat information from a vast sensor network and updating the product portfolio to deliver current protection? Which option touches on the data flows involved with management applications of the Cisco EnergyWise architecture? Which cloud connectors provide additional reliability through redundant, localized call processing at the customer site during network outages'? In designing a BYOD solution, which implementation is based on extending traditional guest wireless access and providing similar guest-like wireless access for employee personal devices'? Which service helps in providing cloud-based security services? The architecture of an end-to-end network virtualization solution can be separated into three logical functional areas. What are the three logical functional areas? Which benefit is achieved through a unified policy enforcement point? The concern of one of your customers is, "How do I quickly isolate and resolve application performance problems with the Cisco ISR-AX solution?" Which feature of the Cisco solution is a response to this query? Which solution is a classification engine that recognizes and classifies a wide variety of protocols and applications? Which two statements are correct about Performance Monitor? (Choose two) Which pillar of Application Experience helps in application survivability, application adaptability and virtualization or cloud enablement? Which Application Experience technology is a converged networking, computing, and virtualization platform for hosting essential infrastructure services and mission-critical business applications in the lean branch office? You need lo easily manage the security risks of borderless networks. Which mobility solution uses next-generation remote-access technology to allow users to securely access the network with their device of choice? Which item identifies how customers can leverage the Cisco Cloud Intelligent Networks framework'? Which application consideration is important for collaboration capabilities, including voice video and instant messaging to users of mobile devices such as Android and Apple iOS smartphones and tablets? Which two statements about Cloud Intelligent Network are correct? (Choose two) Which router is ideal for telecommuters and small offices? Which two options describe the business benefits of Borderless Networks for end users'? (Choose two) Which advanced WAN optimization functionality is provided by WAAS? What is the first step in implementing Cisco EnergyWise? Which solution allows administrators to provision remote access through appropriate security policies for a variety of endpoints? Which is a feature of Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client? Which option is a feature of the Distribution layer of Campus Hierarchy? In which wireless deployment mode is no wireless controller used? Which two statements are correct about Cisco Validated Design or CVD? (Choose two) What are two characteristics of the campus architecture hierarchy tiers? (Choose two) Which technology specifically focuses on mixed-client networks, optimizing overall network capacity by ensuring that 802 11a'g and 802 11n clients operate at the best possible rates? One of your customers is looking for small deployments especially in high-usage areas of their network While all of the following hold true for Cisco Medianet which is a point to highlight so that your customer is encouraged to buy our solution'? Which option optimizes power consumption, space requirements device utilization, maintenance operations, and service speed? What is the goal of Cisco Borderless Network? What are the two characteristics of Cisco Converged Access? (Choose two) Which statement is an example of a function that the access control level serves? Your target customers is looking to deploy video, but has concerns As a sates strategy, which benefit should you focus to sell the Cisco solution? Which architecture strategies strategy does Cisco Prime align'? Which switch offers the industry's highest 480 Gbps stacking bandwidth to meet network demand? Which mobility concept refers to the location where the wireless user has roamed to while mobile? Which high availability design consideration produces savings by reducing the number of power supplies required per switch and the number of outlets required in the wiring close? Which two components are part of the Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Solution? (Choose two) Which Cisco competitive strength helps to ensure customers that our products are integrated and tested for quality assurance? One of the IT Infrastructure managers faces the problem of increased WAN bandwidth expenses or branch survivability in his organization. Which deployment option should you promote so that you also get a chance to sell the Cisco solutions that enable this deployment option? What is a common incentive for implementing a green plan'? Which cloud enabling network service provides rich network interaction to applications? Which two features are appropriate in describing a Cloud Intelligent Network? (Choose two)