700-301 - Advanced Borderless Network Architecture Sales Exam

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Example Questions

Which option is true about Cisco Cloud Intelligent Networks when it comes to enabling cloud adoption? Which switch supports the Cisco EnergyWise technology? Which component of the Cisco Borderless Networks Framework addresses the needs of customers who are adopting private virtualized data centers, cloud-based services, and BYOD devices? What is a major differentiator of Cisco Prime over competitor products? Which statement is true about Cisco Medianet? Which wireless product provides the visibility and control that is needed to manage thousands of wireless branches from a single location? Which solution provides protection against spam, malware, and targeted attacks, and features data loss prevention and email encryption? You are going to speak to a customer about Cisco EnergyWise. While all of the following options are important to position the solution, which sequence should you choose to ensure a logical flow to the positioning? Which Cisco Medianet capability provides the ability to differentiate business-critical applications? Which solution improves application availability by dynamically routing around network problems like black holes and brownouts? Which feature helps to simplify and scale branch IT operations? Which option generates realistic synthetic media streams, with the same characteristics of media traffic, through Cisco routers and switches? Which option allows IT to see more than 1000 applications running within the wireless tunnel? Which switch offers the industry's highest 480 Gb/s stacking bandwidth to meet network demand? Which solution is a software- and hardware-integrated, cloud-ready WAN optimization and application acceleration solution? What is a benefit of Cisco Prime Infrastructure? Which solution is a classification engine that recognizes and classifies a wide variety of protocols and applications? Which benefit is achieved through a unified policy enforcement point? Which energy management service helps businesses understand and optimize power through Cisco EnergyWise? What is the goal of Cisco Borderless Network? One of the features of Cisco EnergyWise is that it gives the user the ability to report power consumption of a device, closet, building, or campus. What is a direct benefit of this feature? Which two options describe the business benefits of Cisco Borderless Networks for end users? (Choose two.) What is a benefit of the Software Developer Kit that is available to Cisco Partners? Which Cisco competitive strength helps to ensure customers that Cisco products are integrated and tested for quality assurance? Which router, in virtual form factor, is intended for deployment in cloud data centers? If your customer is interested in deploying private cloud virtualization, on which sales tip should you focus? When a customer expresses concerns about the lack of visibility into the network, which feature should you highlight when you position the Cisco Medianet solution? A customer requires a product that will detect non-Wi-Fi security threats and resolve issues in real time. Which Cisco product should you recommend? Which technology specifically focuses on mixed-client networks and optimizes overall network capacity by ensuring that 802.11a/g and 802.11n clients operate at the best possible rates? Which option is a function of the Cisco Energy Optimization Service?