700-281 - Web Security Field Engineer (WSFE)

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Example Questions

What is a benefit of NTLMSSP over basic authentication? What is the S-Series Proxy Bypass List? Which credentials must be entered into the S-Series GUI when joining the Active Directory domain? Which of these is not part of the pre_installation worksheet? Which statement is true? Bandwidth limits cannot be: If you want to reset your configuration back to the factory defaults but keep your logs and reports, which CLI command should you use? Which statement about WSA user authentication is true? TRR and TRT are associated with which WSA component? Which option describes the Cisco best practice for using authentication-based access policies? Which of these is a suspect user agent? Which of these is not used as a monitoring tool? Which action does Dynamic Content Analysis enable the Web Security Appliance to do? You are helping the customer configure authentication. A new AsyncOS upgrade becomes available; what should you do? Why does L4TM require T1 to be in promiscuous mode? Which statement about HTTPS decryption on the WSA is true? For WSA SaaS Access Control, the Identity Provider is: Which of these cannot be used in defining policies? What does the appearance of the ACL tag BLOCK_WBRS in the access log mean? Which of these uses ICAP? Which option describes the policies that the security administrator can create using Adaptive Scanning? Which of these is a configurable Cisco IOS feature that triggers notifications if an attack attempts to exhaust critical router resources and if preventative controls have been bypassed or are not working correctly? Which S-Series CLI command can help troubleshoot WCCP? Which CLI command is used to create a W3C log? Which sites does WBRS block by default? Which file characteristic cannot be used in the Cisco IronPort Data Security policies? What feature on the WSA provides Day Zero Revocation of access to third party sites such as Salesforce? Which statement about the DVS engine is true? Which of the following is NOT provided by AVC? Which option describes the Cisco best practice for configuration of the Web Usage Control feature? Which of these is an optional feature, requiring the purchase of a separate license after 30 days? A single transaction can be scanned in parallel by: What is "stream scanning"? Which option describes how a user enables licensed features on the virtual WSA? Which statement is false? In the access log, what does an ACL tag beginning with BLOCK_ADMIN indicate? How long is reporting data kept on record in WIRe by default? If you want to create a ScanSafe filter that will block any shopping or gambling website, what should you add to the filter? When do you need to configure the P1 interface? Which of these is not an action that is associated with HTTPS decryption policies? Which action can the security administrator define using Application Visibility and Controls? Which option describes a reason that a security administrator would configure suspect user agent scanning? What are PAC files used for? In AsyncOS 7.0 for web the choice of Authentication Surrogate is? Which statement about the S-Series native FTP proxy is not true? If authentication is enabled, which statement is true? How is PIM usually run?