700-280 - Email Security for Field Engineers

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Example Questions

Which option describes when LDAP domain assignments are used? Which command is used to enable weighted filtering in an Email Security Appliance? What is the best solution to prevent directory harvest attacks? Which option describes when a DLP incident occurs? Which of the following features need to be enabled to create reports representing email trends across a company with several C-Series appliances? (Choose two.) Your customer is using the encryption plug-in for Microsoft Outlook. Which content filter condition is used to match on the tag that is set by the plug-in? Which of the following security features are enabled for outgoing mail by default? (Choose three) Which ESA function maintains a set of rules that control incoming connections from remote hosts for a listener? Which approach for SenderBase Reputation Score filtering would ensure a very small false positive rate and achieve better system performance? Which of the following two RAT entries will accept mail for example.com and all of its sub- domains? (Choose two.) Which of the following types of DNS records deals with mail delivery for a specific domain? By default, how do Outbreak filters avoid quarantining false positives? A new C-160 has been delivered and needs to be configured. What subnet and C-Series interface does your laptop need to be configured on? Which of the following filters can only be applied to outbound messages? Which of the following parameters are used by the Anti-Spam engine? (Choose three.) When the Cisco ESA is configured to use Centralized Message Tracking, which default port is used between the device and the Cisco Security Management Appliance? During which stage in a mail flow on a Cisco Email Security Appliance does content filtering occur? Which option describes the difference between public and private listeners? Which default port is used by the Cisco ESA to quarantine the message on the Cisco Security Management Appliance? Which of the following security features are enabled for incoming mail by default? (Choose three.) Which of the following is designed to block message campaigns that the recipient unknowingly subscribed to? Which ESA feature is used to apply smart identifiers? Which statement about the grep command is true? Using default settings, what describes the difference between rating suspect and positive spam? By default, the outgoing mail will be scanned by which one of the following? Which of the following vendors produce Anti-Virus engines for the C-Series? (Choose two.) Which option describes when DLP scanning occurs in the email pipeline? Which option describes the function of the RSA Enterprise Manager? When saving a configuration file that will be reloaded into the appliance, which one of the following must be changed before saving? In a "one armed installation" using a single listener, how would the system differentiate between incoming and outgoing email? At what point in the SMTP conversation can the SMTP client send message headers? When configuring CRES, where do you enable read receipts? Which statement describes how the Cisco Email Security Appliance connects to these hosts if multiple LDAP servers are specified for a single profile? Which option describes how the Cisco ESA fits into a network? If the marketing message detection feature mislabels legitimate mail as marketing, which action corrects this error? Which two options are default characteristics of the RSA DLP feature? (Choose two.) While running the system setup wizard, what are the default settings for Senderbase Network Participation and Auto Support? Which two network topologies can be configured on the Cisco C170 appliance? (Choose two.) Which two service problems can the Cisco Email Security Appliance solve? (Choose two.) Which option correctly describes the encryption technologies that should be used with "TLS Preferred" Guaranteed Secure Delivery?