700-038 - Advanced Collaboration Architecture Field Engineer Exam

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Example Questions

Which option leads to the development of high-level and detailed customer designs? Which two of the following are reasons why it is important to clearly understand a customer's business model when preparing the Cisco Collaboration Architecture proposal for that customer? (Choose two) Which sequence of steps is correct for mapping business drivers with collaboration solutions? Which two statements describe how Cisco Validated Designs help lo build BOM faster"? (Choose two.) Which two questions represent market trend complexities for considering a new collaboration experience? (Choose two.) Which two options are examples of partner services that involve addressing the culture of an organization so that collaboration applications are adopted more readily? (Choose two.) The three-phased approach of preparation, discovery, and proposal is used to deliver true business and technology alignment. Which option belongs to the discovery phase? Which two options are ways by which collaboration has impacted the government sector? (Choose two.) Which two options should you keep in mind when presenting a solution for the business side to the non-IT executives? (Choose two) Which option is a next-generation agent and supervisor desktop that offers a user-centric design to enhance customer care satisfaction along with a collaborative experience? In terms of collaboration, which elements of the typical workday does a properly implemented collaboration architecture affect? The Architecture Development Method (ADM) consists of several phases. Which two phases are correctly mapped to their activities'? (Choose two.) Retail businesses must act quickly in order to innovate, respond to changing market conditions, enhance customer service, and increase sales. Which option addresses this requirement? Vertical-oriented support tools are important when positioning Cisco Collaboration Architecture into a specific industry. Where can you find resources that help you address verticals? Which of the following statements best describes the capability to enable any-to-any collaboration as one of the key Cisco collaboration differentiators? Which process makes use of the Cisco Installed Base Lifecycle Management (IBLM) initiative and transformative network approach? Which two options are business requirements in the retail vertical market? (Choose two ) Many tasks in an organization's processes require collaboration. Which two options will you need from the customer to evaluate the relevance and to properly position Cisco Collaboration Architecture? (Choose two.) Cisco Collaboration Architecture differentiates from other solutions in terms of a unified workspace that creates a unique user experience. What is the main need of end users that needs to be addressed? Cisco supply chain agility solutions are addressing a crucial part within the manufacturing industry. Which of the following is the main driver of that branch of industry? How can the Cisco collaboration services layer of Cisco Collaboration Architecture help managers to measure KPIs? Which two services are often led by Cisco? (Choose two.) Which solution is most often presented in the healthcare vertical market? Security plays an essential role in the Cisco Collaboration Architecture. In which layers of the Cisco Collaboration Architecture is security implemented? Which two options are typically included in a Cisco Collaboration Architecture services proposal? (Choose two.) Which Cisco Telepresence product series exemplifies simple-to-use immersive collaboration? On which area does architectural assessments focus? Which option represents an organizational change objection? Which of the following is a reason why it is important to identify and collect business KPIs when designing the Cisco Collaboration Architecture? Which two options are characteristics of Cisco collaboration cloud-based solutions? (Choose two.) Which two options are business requirements in the public sector vertical market? (Choose two.) Which two statements indicate that the customer needs an infrastructure that can efficiently accommodate organizational changes? (Choose two.) Which option represents a megatrend in the marketplace that has impacted collaboration? Which two tools and resources can most efficiently help you to shorten the time to prepare the BOM? (Choose two) What are two reasons for virtualizing Cisco Unified Communications applications? (Choose two) The customer satisfaction index is an important business Key Performance Indicator Which building block of the business model references that KPI? Which of the following is a main business requirement in the financial services industry? Which of the following is the last step when mapping business requirements with Cisco Collaboration Architecture? Which activity belongs to mapping business requirements to Cisco Collaboration Architecture? Once you define the customer's value chain, you will be able to identify departments managing core processes where the Cisco Collaboration Architecture will bring highest business value. Which two of the following departments typically manage core processes? (Choose two) Services are creating additional revenue. In which way can Cisco partners benefit from offering a wide range of collaboration-related services? What is the outcome of mapping the collaboration maps to the Cisco Collaboration Architecture? Which two options are correct statements about the corporate value chain? (Choose two) Which tool offers a blueprint for designing and deploying a full-service, comprehensive network to support business needs? Which statement best describes Cisco Smart Business Architecture? Which option represents an implication question?