700-037 - Advanced Collaboration Architecture Sales Specialist

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Example Questions

Which two are features of Cisco Unified Communications Manager Business Edition 6000? (Choose two.) You are discussing unified communications applications with a customer. The same customer has also been approached by ShoreTel. The customer feels that the ShoreTel solution lacks complexity and is easy to use Which response is best in this situation? Which statement about Cisco WebEx Meeting Center is true? Which two options are differentiators of the Cisco Collaboration Architecture? (Choose two.) Which is a feature of UCS C-series servers? In which layer of the Cisco Collaboration Architecture do you find session and content management? Which two collaboration strategies address today's business challenges? (Choose two.) Which feature in Cisco WebEx is the most important differentiator compared to other vendors in the collaboration technology? Which two customer statements present business ROI? (Choose two) Which option provides sophisticated and distributed ACD, IVR, CTI, and agent and desktop services in a single server? Which of the following deployment scenarios will be most suitable for a customer that requires full telephony feature transparency, requires high availability and has two sites with 3000 IP phones connected via a low-delay connection? Which three options are ways that customers benefit from the Cisco Technology Developer Program? (Choose three.) Which option aligns licensing to these three key role-based licenses: Power User, Information Work, and Officer Worker? In which deployment model does the service provider host dedicated equipment within its network operations center for a predictable monthly cost? Which two options apply when you have a meeting with the telecommunications manager of an organization? (Choose two.) Which two of the following are concerns that an operations manager may have in making a decision on Cisco Collaboration? (Choose two.) Where will an account manager find the largest source of case studies, whitepapers. demos, and vertical-oriented information around Cisco Collaboration? Which two are benefits of the Cisco Unified Communications Mobile Solutions? (Choose two) Which list of the steps of migration is in the correct sequence? Which two options are advantages of a Collaboration Architecture that are important from the Human Resource Managers viewpoint? (Choose two.) Which digital signaling is correctly mapped to its functionality? Which two reasons make the Cisco Collaboration Architecture important for the marketing manager? (Choose two.) Which statement is an important selling point for Cisco against Avaya? The Finance manager of an organization is concerned about switching their existing PBX to IP. Which response describes the value of the Collaboration Architecture? Which two statements about how PBX architectures compare to Cisco Unified Communications are true? (Choose two.) Which Cisco differentiator is correctly mapped to the Cisco solution? Which option describes the function of the applications and services layer of the Cisco Unified Communications system architecture? Which company stakeholder may ask questions relating to improving resource efficiency while maintaining regulatory compliance during evaluation of a new architecture or strategy? Which statement correctly describes the features of the product? Which statement describes the Cisco strategy for Cisco Telepresence'? Which statement about Medianet is true? Which three statements about Alcatel Lucent is correct? (Choose three) Which collaborative quoting platform gives an account manager the autonomy to make deals and quote decisions from within a single workspace? Who uses Cisco Show and Share and Cisco WebEx Social for gaining and sharing information? Which two options represent the critical concerns of a desktop application manager regarding Cisco Collaboration Architecture'? (Choose two.) Mobile workers and teleworkers do not have direct access to coworkers, but they must engage with them regularly. Which three collaboration tools benefit these workers'? (Choose three.) Cisco Collaboration is expensive. This is a very common FUD statement. Which two are proven ways of handling this statement? (Choose two) Which three statements describe Cisco Enterprise License Manager? (Choose three.) Which two characteristics are differentiators for the Cisco ISR router compared to the competition? (Choose two.) Which option is an application in the Cisco IOS Software that provides call processing for as few as 15 and as many as 450 Cisco Unified IP Phones?