700-001 - Cisco Video Solution Sales Representative

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Example Questions

What is the size of the video market in 20 14? Which product supports up to nine virtual applications and up to 2500 devices? Which two features contribute to the competitive advantage of the Cisco video portfolio? (Choose two) Which statement describes the Cisco MX Series? Which two room systems support Speaker Track 60? (Choose Iwo.) Customers use video technology tools to accomplish which two goals? (Choose two ) Which version of Cisco Prime Collaboration provisioning supports multiple clusters? Which system is an all-in-one camera and codec system? What does the Intelligent Audio feature do? Which two options are Cisco Unified Workspace Licensing versions? (Choose two) What contributes to more than 50 percent of communication impact? Which method of communication results in 38 percent more retention than audio-only communication? How many users will be connected to the Internet by the end of 2020? Which function does Cisco Jabber Guest offer to users? Prime Collaboration Assurance Advanced supports which two functions? (Choose two) What is the Cisco Collaboration mission? Which option contributes to the market leadership that Cisco enjoys? Which integrator system supports Speaker Track 60? How many participants does Cisco CMR Hybrid support in a single meeting? How many participants does Cisco CMR Cloud support in a single call? Which option describes the Cisco SX Series? Which option describes the Cisco DX80? Which product is a chassis-based system for multipoint conferencing with 10 hot-swappable card slots? Which product sits outside the firewall? Which approach will resonate with your customer regarding using video for travel reduction? Which statement describes a difference between the TX9000 and the TX9200? How many participants does Cisco CMR Premises support in a single meeting? Which two abilities does intelligent Proximity offer to users? (Choose two) What is unique about the Cisco solutions to today's communications needs? How many devices, per person, will users connect to the Internet by the year 2020? Which product is needed to enable self-provisioning? Which two features does the Cisco DX70 have? (Choose two) Which two features are supported on the Cisco Tele presence MX700? (Choose two.) What does Cisco Prime Analytics do? Which product is used for H 323 video registration?