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A company has client computers that run Windows 8. Finance department employees store files in the C:\Finance directory. File History is on. A Finance department employee attempts to restore a file to a previous version by using File History. The file is not available to restore. You need to establish why the file history is not available and ensure that it is available in the future. Which two actions should you perform? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose two.)
Review the File History backup log.
Move the file into a library.
Restore the data files from the Previous Versions tab located in the folder properties.
Set the Protection Settings for drive C to On.
A: Configuring Advanced Settings of Windows 8 File History To set some more detailed options, or to clean up File History, click Advanced settings. The Event logs section includes the Open File History event logs to view recent events or errors command that opens File History backup log in Applications and Services Logs section of Event Viewer. B: * File History automatically backs up files that are in your librar癩キサソ﾿￿[_キソᄈ﾿￯￿KOW_」ソ゚﾿ᅴ￟￷￿3?O_kow⦅」￿￿￿￿￷￿￳￿￯￿→￯￷￿ ̄￿￟￿ᅴ￟￷￿ᅮ￟￯￿ᅨᅬᅲ￟ ̄￿﾿￿ᄏ﾿￷￿ᄈ﾿￯￿ᆱᆵᄋ﾿ ̄￿゚﾿ᅴ￟￷￿モ゚ᆵ﾿ᅨᅬᅲ￟ ̄￿ソ￿サソ￷￿ウソ￯￿ォッキソ ̄￿⦅ソᅴ￟￷￿s⦅ッソᅨᅬᅲ￟ ̄￿_ソᄏ﾿￷￿S_ッソᆱᆵᄋ﾿ ̄￿?_{⦅キソモ゚ᆵ﾿ᅨᅬᅲ￟ ̄￿￿￿￿￷￿￳￿￯￿→￯￷￿ ̄￿￟￿ᅴ￟￷￿ᅮ￟￯￿ᅨᅬᅲ￟ ̄￿﾿￿ᄏ﾿￷￿ᄈ﾿￯￿ᆱᆵᄋ﾿ ̄￿゚﾿ᅴ￟￷￿モ゚ᆵ﾿ᅨᅬᅲ￟ ̄￿ソ￿サソ￷￿ウソ￯￿ォッキソ ̄￿⦅ソᅴ￟￷￿s⦅ッソᅨᅬᅲ￟ ̄￿_ソᄏ﾿￷￿S_ッソᆱᆵᄋ﾿ ̄￿?_{⦅キソモ゚ᆵ﾿ᅨᅬᅲ￟ ̄￿￿￿￿￷￿￳￿￯￿→￯￷￿ ̄￿￟￿ᅴ￟￷￿ᅮ￟￯￿ᅨᅬᅲ￟ ̄￿﾿￿ᄏ﾿￷￿ᄈ﾿￯￿ᆱᆵᄋ﾿ ̄￿゚﾿

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