70-673 - TS: Designing, Assessing, and Optimizing Software Asset Management (SAM)

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Example Questions

To perform a calibration software authorization for a customer. He provides the following reports: - Reseller Order history - Microsoft License Statement Both reports include the following data fields: - Order Number and Date - Product You need to figure out what the field should be additionally installed. What field would identify you? Your customer buys 80 Windows-based desktop PC preinstalled with Microsoft Office Professional. He does not have Software Assurance. They should create a unified image for all PCs, which conforms to product licensing. Which media should be stored in the image? Your customer has an Active Directory and System Center Configuration Manager in action. They should identify which data fields are used to with the AD and System Center Configuration Manager to create basic hardware inventory report. Which data field should you? Identify My client has several employees are temporarily working from home with their mobile devices. The company uses Active Directory to manage the network. They should, if possible, the maximum information gained from the hardware inventory. What should you do? They plan to assess the SAM process of your customers. You can transfer the roles to analyze the infrastructure and hold talks on the spot. You should see how we can improve the SAM process. What should you do? They should design a SAM project with the following requirements for a client: - Allows the reallocation of the desktop software licenses - Enables the implementation of a server virtualization technology - Allows a complete replacement of all desktop and server hardware within the next 6 months What should you include in your project? You want to secure support for a SAM project. You enter the following information from a customer: - Hardwareinventory is incomplete - Users do not install software supportet - Total running decentralized software procurement departments use different versions of Office They should emphasize two advantages that support the use of a SAM project for the customer. What benefits would you show both? (Each correct answer is part of the solution, choose two) The network consists of your client in an Active Directory structure, it contains a Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager Server and a Microsoft System Center Operations Manager server. All computers are part of the Active Directory and have SCCM and SCOM Client installed. Would you like the hardware and software to organize withdrawal for the customer. This requires you to identify all computers to be decommissioned. What would you do? Your client has its headquarters in Boston and three branches in London, New York and Paris. The entire store, software distribution and inventory will be held in New York. Microsoft Office is installed only in the branch in Paris. The Data Center is London. You plan to implement a SAM project for office for the customer. You need to visit one of the sites and collect all the important data for the proper assessment to be able to. Which location should be visited? You plan the assessment of a SAM process, the customers of different departments. To create a survey, the information in the context of the SAM process over the entire Organization of time collecting. You need to validate the information that is gathered in the survey. What should you do? They plan to reconcile all the licenses of the customer and determine the compliance status. The customer also has CUP (Competitive Upgrade license purchased). You get the following information from the customer: - Hardware and software inventory - All Proof of Licenses (POLs) They should make a comparison of the inventory with the licenses. What will you do? Your company has run a sponsor in the decision level to a SAM project. You want to ensure their support. What should you do? You manage the software and hardware return processes for a customer. The customer does not have Software Assurance. He plans to sell PCs with the following characteristics: - Hardware, older than three years - All PCs with Windows pre-installed - All Office licenses that were acquired under a volume license agreement They should make a recommendation, such a reallocation may look the licenses. What would you recommend? Are you planning a SAM Optimization for your customers. They identify the following SAM maturity levels: - The core process management interface has the maturity level of base - Other core competencies to move to the level of standard A SAM improvement plan defines the requirements to achieve competence in the process interfaces the level standard. You need to make proposals for action, reflecting the maturity of the core SAM Rationalized optimization plan in the area. What measures would you suggest? You want to launch a SAM project for a client. They collect the following information on sponsorship level decision makers and budget release hardware Inventory, which includes 60% of all systems - MLS, compared with license purchasing records, you should identify the applications, that are installed on all network computers. What you need to import? You have the following information about the customer's environment: - The network consists of 180 computer - The accounts have all the purchasing data - The customer buys his licenses under an Open License agreement They should collect all information from the client to compare the licenses and the current hardware and software inventory. Which tool should you use? Ihr Kunde hat 4 Geschäftsstellen. Jede Geschäftsstelle hat einen anderen Software Reseller, um Softwarelizenzen zu beschaffen. Jedes Büro verwaltet einen Bericht, der Software Beschaffungen ausführlich darstellt. Jeder Berichtenthält die folgenden Felder: - Produkt Edition - Produkt Version - Name der Produktfamilie Sie müssen erkennen, welches Datenfeld die Konsolidierung der Information in einen Report über die vollständigen Softwareberechtigungen ermöglicht. Welches Feld würden Sie identifizieren? You plan the customer's situation in terms of its SQL Server operations and assess its license compliance. The client uses SQL Server in a per-processor licensing. They should determine the amount in respect of a SAM assessments. What should you do? You are caring for a SAM project for a customer. The following development presents itself for the customer in the recent past: - A new tool has been acquired SAM - The SAM project design is complete - The designated SAM managers leaving the company - The budget for the SAM project is approved and assigned to supervise the SAM project. What would you do first? The network includes the customer's Windows only Server 2008 Enterprise Edition. In the network, both physical and virtual camera driver for Windows Server instances can be found. Your customer generates an inventory of all available servers. They should determine additional information required for the license requirements of the customers in terms of its Windows Server are important. What information do you still need? Your customer has 4000 Windows-based network devices. NetBIOS is disabled on all devices. They should recommend a software that can read the distributed software on the devices. Which tool should do you recommend? My Software Inventory Report identified several installations of unauthorized software on company computers. They should establish a process that prevents employees to install software. What would you include in the process? They develop a business plan for a SAM project for a customer. The executives, including the department head and IT manager shall participate in the initial SAM Planning meetings in part. You want to complete the business plan for the customer. What would you do next? To check the accuracy of inventory data for your clients. You will receive the following data in relation to the installed Microsoft Office products: - All licenses are an Office Professional Edition - In many office computers are installed several times - The customer buys all of the Office licenses through a volume licensing agreement They plan to carry out a detailed inventory. They should incorporate a reasonable number of Office licenses in the report. What number should you? Integrate? Are you planning software and hardware-based computers aufWindows information gathering within the network. They should find out what Microsoft product information can read. What products might be? They have a complete and accurate inventory of the entire software for a company. The company has a department which is called shopping. This maintains a history of all procured licenses. They should match the order information with the inventory list. What information should you? Collect You plan to manage a deployment process for a customer. You need a change management system in the server environment of the customer . Implement What would you do? They manage all software licenses for a company called Contoso, Ltd.. Contoso licensed all Windows desktop PCs with OEM licenses and buy all the Microsoft Office Professional licenses under a volume license agreement. Following a takeover Contoso plans to transfer the license to a non-affiliated companies named to Inc. Litware. They should transfer all licenses from Contoso to Litware. Which two actions should you perform? (Each correct answer is part of the solution. Choose two) Your customer wants to replace some physical with virtual servers. There are no plans to adapt the software inventory. The customer signed all financial statement and confirmed that all specified inventory lists are complete. What structure should you? Syndicate You are conducting an audit for a client through, with the following results: - Hardwareinventory is incomplete - A Softwareinventory does not exist - Software procurement is decentralized They are supposed to identify two advantages that the introduction of SAM support one ongoing project. What are two advantages would show you? (Each correct answer is part of the solution, choose two) You are responsible for a software asset lifecycle of a customer. The procurement of the customer is running centralized. They note that some employees to obtain personal credit card with software, you will supervise the procurement of software by the employees. What would you do? Your customer has many departments: Human Resources Department, 1T, procurement agent and security department. The customer uses a SAM program. The license management, he runs manually. You want to automate the management process. You need to clarify what data source to automate the license management process must be used. Which source would use them? The accuracy of the customers in terms of core competence of the inventory is moving in maturity basis. They should recommend a tool that the maturity level of inventory improved. Which tool should do you recommend? You plan to implement a SAM project for your customers. You need to identify the phase in which roles, expectations and responsibilities are assigned. Which part are you? Identify They have the following information from the customer: - Hardware and software inventory - All Proof of Licenses (POLs) The customer has the following Office product: - Office Standard Edition 2003 with Software Assurance - Office Standard Edition 2007, which is currently installed on all computers They should ensure the validity of the Office licenses. What should you do? Your customer has a registered office. The complete software and hardware will be procured centrally. You should define a target as a possible assessment might look at the customer. What information do you still need? Your customer completes an internal audit. The audit shows that the customer is no hard-and software leads inventory. They should introduce a process that allows the customer to conduct inventories of hardware and software. What step would you include in the process? Your customer uses a SAM tool to scan the hardware inventory. You should check the accuracy of the scanned number of desktops. What you should do? Ihr Kunde möchte die Applikationserkennung eines Software lnventory Tools verbessern. Sie sollen die Performance dieser Funktion messen. Welche Metrik sollten Sie sehen? SAM You want a design project for a customer. The general manager of the customer offer a little help in gathering data that is relevant for the design of the SAM project. You are not in a position to begin the design, it got to do. What should you do next? You have a report that includes all the hardware information to customers. Your customer buys upgrade license for its Office installations. On every computer is the latest Version of Office installed. They should ensure that the licensing is correct about upgrades. What should you do? Your customer uses a SAM program. He installed SAM tools, the shared software installations . monitor They should check whether the customer's compliance with its installation requirements. What would you do? My customer is using Excel, to perform a hardware and software inventory to. They should recommend a tool that daily reports concerning changes in the inventory of installed applications generated on the computers. What tool would you recommend? Your client has the following KPIs: - A quarterly report SAM - 97% of assets are inventoried They should identify the current SAM maturity, which takes into account both indicators. Your client software centrally procured. They note that the software department to acquire their own credit cards and therefor . use You want the sum of reducing software procured by the department. What should you do? Your customer does not pursue any single software installation. You agree that the customer is not compliant with the license terms of some software vendors. They should implement a SAM project for the customer. What would you do first? Your network contains 1000 thin clients. An automatic inventory managed the software on the Thin Clients. They should ensure that the Office Inventory information up to date are. What should you do? My client has offices in Hong Kong, San Francisco and London. Cfgmgr clients are installed only in the office in San Francisco. All employees place your Computers off when they leave the office. They will complete the software inventory. What should you do? You design a SAM project for a client and install an asset management system. You want a process touched down, the entire software identified, which is owned by the customer. What you need to be integrated into the SAM process? Your customer has 800 thin clients are logged on to Terminal Server. The network includes an Active Directory. They should ensure that the inventory is correct. What should you do?