650-987 - Testing Engine Features

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Example Questions

Which server would be a better fit for a customer who wants to increase both performance and the capacity for demanding virtualization and large data-set workloads? Which two of these logging statements are true? (Choose two.) You work at a large university and are trying to decrease the number of people deploying software in multiple areas for specific classroom needs and requests so that you can focus on modernizing the learning environment. What can you do to help achieve this? Which statement is true about the management of a computing solution using Cisco Unified Computing System? VACLs support which two actions? (Choose two) What is a benefit of enhanced zoning? What is the Cisco TCO Advisor tool? Which of the following tools would you use to view SCSI error count statistics? A customer wants to deploy more efficient switching for the VMware vSphere platform. Which of these shouldbe proposed as a solution? A customer requires scalable server connectivity with multiple adapters for a VMware virtualizedserver environment. Which solution best addresses these requirements? You are setting up a Cisco Catalyst 4900 Series Switch, and would like to be able to do two things: enable tracking for interface GigabitEthernet 3/20 in VRRPgroup3 Decrement VRRP router priority by 10. Which command would you use? Information gathered during the DCNM initial discovery includes information about which of the following What is the function of the Cisco ACE service module? Which two functionalities differentiate the Cisco UCS C-Series from its competitors? (Choose two.) What does the bringdown policy do in a VDC high-availability situation? During configuration how are challenges with NPIV deployment address? Which switch is a software-only data center-specialized Ethernet switch? How does the Ethernet host Virtualizer accomplishes multiple active uplinks and loop preventions in a cisco Nexus 500 Switch? What is the only technology that touches all aspects of a typical business process? The Cisco UCS Power Calculator can be used to calculate which two parameters of Cisco Unified Computing System deployment? (Choose two.) What is the benefit of a converged network? Which characteristic would you describe as a key differentiator for the Cisco C-Series Rack- Mount Servers as compared to the competition? A customer with limited financial resources needs to deploy a highly available application on a physical server that requires a large disk space. Which solution is the best fit for this customer? What is the current approach to the data center computer architecture scalability? Which is the first step of the ISSU process? Which is a value proposition for the Cisco Unified Computing System servers in a Cisco Data Center Business Advantage architecture that should be presented to a CIO? A customer has some performance problems in their SAN environment. They want to use a Cisco MDS 9000 Port Analyzer Adapter to connect to the Cisco MDS Switch to troubleshoot the performance problems. Which two options need to be configured on the MDS Switch? (Choose two) Which statement represents a key differentiator of the Cisco Data Center Business Advantage architecture? What is the first phase of the Cisco Application Networking Assessment Service? What is the purpose of the Netformx DesignXpert tool? Which of these GOLD enhanced features captures and tracks critical information specific to a line card, such as uptime, temperature sensor, and critical errors information? The install all command performs which two functions? (Choose two) Which server setup would be the most suitable for a customer who is deploying server and desktop virtualization? How do you configure the management port VLAN on the NAM on a Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Switch running Cisco Catalyst operating system? Which two approaches should you use to profile a prospective customer? (Choose two.) What is the purpose of a data center? Which components are building blocks of a data center? (Choose two.) Which feature is the most important Cisco differentiator compared to other vendors that offer server virtualization technology? What is the best answer to the question, "Why is a unified computing system important in today's IT industry? In a Cisco Unified Computing solution, which two actions are the easiest ways to increase connectivity throughput? (Choose two.) A customer wants to deploy a high number of virtualized servers per physical host. Which of these aids that requirement? Which two Cisco service modules can be deployed in redundant pairs with active active fail over? In the Cisco Nexus 7010 architecture, In-Service Software Upgrades are enabled by which of the following components or features? What is the current evolution stage of data center server resources? Which of these is a benefit of deploying the Cisco Unified Computing System solution? Which of these enables a customer to deploy a solution with the VMware vSphere virtual machine-aware network? Which component must be configured to implement the Graceful Restart feature? For purposes of granting restricted access to statically configure iSCSI virtual targets, when three of these can be used to identify iSCSI? (Choose three) In Cisco NX-OS, what is the most significant difference between SNMP types and SNMP informs? Your company is planning SAN deployment using fiber channel connections from a central, highly secure data centre to several less secure branch offices. Which of these security features would allow you to disable all branch office switch management ports and yet still maintain the complete suit of TCP/IP-based SAN management utilities?