650-752 - Advanced IP NGN Architecture Sales (PANGNS)

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Example Questions

Which option is a major pillar of the Cisco IP NGN architecture? What is the main portal where Cisco Partners can access the tools and resources they need for their sales and support efforts? Which tool, that is available on Cisco.com, does Cisco use to succeed against the competition? What is the primary focus of an IT manager? In a financial review, which method is used to estimate the yield of a service that is enabled by a Cisco IP NGN solution? Who are the two key stakeholders in a company that is enabled with Cisco IP NGN? (Choose two.) What are two benefits of using Cisco Fixed Services? (Choose two.) In a Cisco IP NGN business transformation, what is the main focus when you are considering a subscription for the customer? Which two documents comprise a customer transfer of information? (Choose two.) What is a key value of the Cisco IP NGN architecture? Which type of Cisco routers would you choose for the core layer of the Cisco IP NGN architecture? A financial manager would ask which two questions regarding the introduction of new Cisco IP NGN solutions? (Choose two.) How does Cisco challenge its competitors in the customer decision-making process? Identify the two advantages that the Cisco IP NGN framework provides. (Choose two.) What is FUD? What is the challenge for the modern service provider who wants to monetize the various services? What are the two primary access technologies that are used for residential customers? (Choose two.) What is one of the most applicable technologies that service providers are offering to their customer in Connected Life at Work service? Which management platform is used for managing the experience lifecycle in Cisco product offering? Service providers are offering which three services to their customers who have Connected Life at Home service? (Choose three.) In technology financing, how is a desired technology acquired?