650-669 - Cisco SP Video Digital Media Design Specialist for SE

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Example Questions

Which MPEG table contains information that is related to conditional access within an MPEG-2 transport stream? Which table helps the receiver to decode the correct video and audio stream? When adding a device to Cisco ROSA EM, what information must be known about that device? Which two versions of MPEG compression does a Cisco D9036 encoder use? (Choose two.) What is the maximum number of multiformat processing cards that can be installed in a Cisco D9900? How many programs can the Cisco D9036 encode? How many DV8-CI encrypted programs can the Cisco D9854 decrypt? Which two modulation formats are used in Digital Video Broadcasting-Satellrte-2? (Choose two.) Which compression standard has the lowest latency? When configuring backup on the Cisco ROSA EM. What information must be entered for each device that is connected to a video router? If a customer needs to visually script a VoD workflow in the Cisco Transcode Manager, which feature should be used? Which standard defines ad insertion in MPEG-2 transport streams? What is the airflow architecture in the Cisco D9036? How many streams can be processed by one FEC board in the DCM? What is the recommended redundancy scheme for broadcast headends? How many PowerVu encrypted programs can the Cisco D9854 decrypt? What must be known about the incoming signal in order to properly configure an encoder? Which two video formats are supported by the Cisco DCMG? (Choose two.} Which three types of backup options exist in the Cisco DCM? (Choose three.) What is the purpose of Aggregated Service Status Reflection? Which two SDI input hardware configurations are available on one Cisco DCM IP gateway card? (Choose two.) Which version of FEC does the DCM support? Which compression format is supported by the Cisco DCM Gateway?