650-663 - Cisco SP Video Sales Specialist for AM

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Example Questions

What are the four components that make up the Cisco Videoscape Media Suite? Which device can transcode from MPEG-2 to MPEG-4? What is the function of an integrated receiver/decoder? What is DPI? Cisco Media Processor prepares linear video to be distributed in which three formats? (Choose three.) Which Cisco SPVTG product line converts RF to fiber optics? What is the advantage of a universal edge QAM? Which device can multiplex and change formats of MPEG-2 programs? Which management system can monitor and control video headend equipment? What is one of the major market drivers for access network business unit? Which compression standard is supported by the DCMG? What is the Cisco recommended redundancy scheme? Which device can take in SDI video and output multiple copies of the encoded video in formats such as Smooth Streaming and Flash streaming? Which two versions Of MPEG compression does Cisco D90X encoder use :( Choose two.) The competitive advantage that Cisco has over all its competitors in the HFC segment is which of these? The main advantage of D-PON is that it allows the cable operator to offer fiber to the home and maintain which of theses How many I-frames are in a group of pictures (GOP)?