650-568 - Cisco Web Security Field Engineer Specialist

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Example Questions

In AsyncOS 7.0 for web the choice of Authentication Surrogate is? In which service component should troubleshooting of the endpoint solution be executed? Which task belongs to the Ongoing Support Handoff Meeting? In which of the following phase are the business requirements of the customer identified and documented? Which of the following definitions best describes business requirements development within prepare phase? Assessing the task performance of functional groups and comparing it with recommended best practices and the requirements of the standard operating procedures of the customer are parts of the analysis of which service component within the design phase? Who has the responsibility to act as an advocate for both partner and customer? Which two operations technology strategy development activities within the prepare phase are performed recommending people, processes and tools supporting the operations and management of a system to the customer? A single transaction can be scanned in parallel by: What feature on the WSA provides Day Zero Revocation of access to third party sites such as Salesforce? Which of the following is an activity of the site readiness assessment service component in the plan phase Which of the following is the best definition of the Cisco Lifecycle Services approach? Which resource is most often used during the Detailed Design Development Feature/Functionality Design Development? which statement is false? If a web site is blocked because it has a low web reputation score, which of the following is contained in the (un-customized) End-User Notification? In the security design phase, which service component provides a comprehensive, implementation-ready design for a security solution for the customer? Bandwidth limits cannot be: What are PAC files used for? which statement about WSA user authentication is true? In the implement phase, staging involves installation and testing the customer's solution components in a non-production lab environment. Which of the following defines the benefit to the partner ? Which two tasks are conducted as part of the "assess current security management procedures" activity? (Choose two) which of these is not part of the pre_ installation worksheet? which of these provide centralized reporting for the S-Series? you are helping the customer customer configure anthentication, a new asyncOS upgrade becomes available, what should you do? Which the design phase, a network development that lacks documented details and tasks related to deploying and commissioning a network infrastructure is likely to benefit from the deliverables in which service component? In the access log, what does an ACL tag beginning with BLOCK_ADMIN indicate? Which two of these activities are included in the operations plan development service component in the security desing phase ? (Choose two) why does L4TM require T1 to be in promiscuous mode? Which statement about using McAfee and Webroot together is true? Which two key tasks are conducted in the Security Readiness Assessment service component in the plan phase? (Choose two) what is "stream scanning? In which service component of the security operate phase would an escalation notification plan be used? Which of these activities are included in the operate phase change management service component? Which activity is done in Project Management? Which of these is a drawback in using McAfee heuristic scanning? Which CLI command is used to create a W3C log? Which task is conducted as part of the optimization workshop? During the implement phase, systems acceptance testing does which of the following for the customer? Which service component in the implement phase includes activities such as obtaining customer satisfaction, holding a lessons-learned meeting, and updating leading practices? Which two service component are performed during the security implement phase ? (Choose two) In Which service component are gaps between current infrastructure and requirements for CSA analyzed? In which service component of the security operate phase are network issues analyzed to identify trends? when do you need to configure the P1 interface? Which task may be performed as part of an IPS mode implementation? Which two of these activities comprise the mplementation plan development service component in the desing phase? (Choose Two) Where are the current escalation procedures of the customer typically documented? Which credentials must be entered into the S-Series GUI when joining the Active domain? Which three high-level design development activities within the prepare phase are performed to create a design that addresses the business and technical needs of the customer? (Choose three.) Which Service component within the prepare phase provides a high-level, conceptual architecture of the proposed system that addresses the business requirements of the customer ? How is PIM usually run?