650-474 - Introducing Cisco Identity Services Engine for System Engineer Exam (PAISESE)

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Example Questions

Which Cisco ISE node does not support automatic failover? Which Cisco ISE deployment models support profiling? Which scenario does not support Cisco ISE guest services? In the Cisco ISE ATP program, what must the sales team submit to begin the sales process? Which methods can be used to create usernames? When determining the number of endpoints for a user base, what is a good ratio for a starting point? Which existing platforms support data migration to Cisco ISE 1.0? Which two deployment methods are supported with Cisco ISE 1.0 with RADIUS NAC? (Choose two.) What n the maximum number of supported endpoints on an appliance in stand-alone mode? In which scenario does Cisco ISE 1.0 allocate an Advanced license? Select exactly 1 answer(s) from the following: Which one of the following statements is not a correct statement about posture? Which external identity sources are not supported on Cisco ISE 1.0? In a distributed deployment when co-locating the Administrator and Monitoring nodes on one appliance what is the maximum number of supported Policy Service nodes? What is the Cisco ISE default admin login name and password? Which statement about Cisco Identity Services Engene high availability is true? What is the maximum syslog rate for the monitoring node without any drop with appreciable latency? Which option does the Cisco ISE guest service not provide? Which Cisco ISE persona, failover is a manual process? Select exactly 1 answer(s) from the following: In the distributed deployment with dedicated admin and monitoring nodes, which two of the following items are true? (Select two.) Select exactly 2 answer(s) from the following: Which of the following is not true about profiling in Cisco ISE? Which two configurations are acceptable for base and advanced licenses? (Choose two) Which types of design are required in the Cisco ISE ATP program? Which two roles can be deployed across more than two nodes in an instance? (Choose two.) Which statement about Change of Authorization and Inline Posture node is not true? At which OSI layer does WebAuth operate? Which RADIUS extension is required for posture and profiling support? In which scenario does Cisco ISE allocate an Advanced license? What is the maximum number of support endpoints supported in a Cisco ISE deployment? Each node can have a different persona and associated services with that persona. Which persona cannot run with other personas on the same Cisco Identity Services Engine node? Where is the license installed within Cisco ISE deployment? Which statement about Inline Posture node deployment support is true? Which function does the Cisco NAC Agent not perform? Which appliance supports Cisco ISE 1.0? Which ISE persona presents the Guest portal page for Central Web Authentication? Select exactly 1 answer(s) from the following: Which statement is not true about client provisioning (CP)? What is the maximum number of endpoints supported on 3315/3355/3395 providing all Cisco BE services respectively? Which statement is true? By default, which traffic does an 802.IX-enabled switch allow before authentication? Which option is the default authentication priority on a Cisco switch?