650-379 - ABNASEE Advanced Borderless Network Architecture System Engineer Exam

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Example Questions

to which of the following can you go to see how specific third party applications interoperate within a cisco network environment? . which layer in the hierarchical model provides the aggregation, policy control, and isolation demarcation point between the campus distribution building block and the rest of the network? what would you use to track guest provisioning and guest netowrk user statistics, including login and logout times? what is a feature of cisco anyconnect? in which way would a company allow visitors external internet access while simoultaneously preventing any unauthorized connection to the enterprise internal resources and services? you want to enhance secure access control and data protection. which cisco solution will meet your needs? which of the following is network system virtualization technology that pools multiple cisco catalyst 6500 series switches into one virtual switch, increasing operational efficiency, boosting nonstop communications, and scaling system bandwidth capacity to 1,4 Tb/s? which two of the following are fundamental aspects that influence security?(Choose two.) what is a powerful and flexible subsystem in cisco ios software that provides real time network event detection and on board automation? which cisco borderless network solution is equipped with a discovery mechanism that provides the ability to gain visibility into the network and applications that it supports? which option is an end to end architecture for a network that is composed of advanced, intelligent technologies and devices in a platform that is optimized for the delivery of rich-media experiences? which core component of the cisco borderless network architecture stops attacks before they penetrate the network perimeter by protecting resources and data, in addition to voice, video and multimedia traffic? which of the following involves studying the network at regular intervals and allowing proactive planning and designing of network modifications? which two security controls are used by cisco SAFE to protect network endpoints? (choose two) as a part of a green initiative for your organization, you need a solution for your network infrastructure that provides service integration to help enable cisco routers and switches to reduce the number of devices that are operating within the network. which solution will allow you to do this? what is a feature of cisco OfficeExtend? which cisco solution helps to mitigate the effects of wan latency while transferring data quickly? what will cisco cleanair technology do if interference causes a jam on your wifi channel? Which cisco energywise component provides configuration, management, data aggreation, and console services for the solution? you want a security solution that enforces access and policies in the borderless network by providing info such as identity, time and date, posture, location, device type and access type. which cisco solution will provide you with this information? you need to easily manage the security risks of borderless networks. which mobility solution uses next generation remote access technology to allow users to securely access the network with their device of choice? which market opportunity did the cisco cleanair technology network service fullfill? which two features are specific to the cisco trustsec solution? (choose two) what are two features of application velocity? (choose two) which of the following is the first ever control system malware that acts as a botnet to steal industrial automation layout design and control files specific to control systems such as siemens supervisory control and data acquisition system? what are the four key pillars of the cisco secure borderless network that provide a simple, secure and reliable experience for the user? which two of the following are available to ensure symmetric traffic flows? (choose two) what is a characteristic of cisco offerings for green energy solutions? which layer in the hierarchical model consists of application recognition services such as deep packet inspection and netflow? in which two ways can guest user login portals be directly served?(choose two) which of the following can you use to avoid discontinuous vlans or subnets, routing black holes, and active/active hsrp or glbp situations? what is a feature of cisco medianet? what are the primary components of the cisco smart business architecture? what are two features of energywise solution? (choose two) which of the following uses cisco security intelligence operations threat intelligence to protect those users with a vulnerable browser by blocking any connections to websites that may spread an attack or malware? what is used by cisco SAFE to influence the selection of products and features that maximize visibility and control? how much of the power in a building can be managed by cisco energywise technology? which component of the cisco smart business architecture provides the underpinning infrastructure on which all other services and applications rely? which two of the following are high availability design considerations? (choose two) which layer in the hierarchical model is known as the backbone that glues together all the elements of the campus architecture? which cisco solution provides the features that are needed to support the rich media requirements of medianets? what differentiates cisco medianetw from other products? as a CEO you want to help ensure that video messages you send to your organization are prioritized over other video traffic. which cisco solution will allow you to accomplish this? although all of those options are part of a secure network, which two things need to be considered specifically because of the rise of mobility and an extremely connected workplace? (choose two) which two options have been added in cisco medianet 2.1? (choose two) which solution can defend the network by gathering global threat info from a vast sensor network and updating the product portfolio to deliver current protection? to which of the following would you go to ensure that a design has been validated through system-level testing by cisco experts? which cisco solution can assist with the adoption of 802.11n by solving problems that are related to the combination of 802.11a/g and 802.11? what are two features of the cisco context aware mobility solution? (choose two) what are two roles of cisco energywise technology on routers and switches? (choose two)