650-377 - ABNAME Advanced Borderless Network Account Manager Exam

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Example Questions

Which option is an end-to-end solution that addresses all layers of the WLAN in order to provide cost-effective, high-performance wireless networks for business-critical mobility? Which Cisco Borderless Network solution is equipped with a discovery mechanism that provides the ability to gain visibility into the network and applications that it supports? Which Cisco EnergyWise component provides customizable management-level reports to communicate energy savings and environmental impact? What are the four key pillars of the Cisco Secure Borderless Network that provide a simple, secure, and reliable experience for the user? What is a characteristic of Cisco offerings for green energy solutions? Approximately how many new networked mobile devices will there be by the year 2014? What are two roles of Cisco EnergyWise technology on routers and switches? (Choose two.) A video installation takes 60 minutes without autoconfiguration. Approximately how much time does an installation take with the Cisco Medianet autoconfiguration? You want to extend the network boundary to include endpoints in order to scale, optimize, and enhance video performance. Which service should you use? Which service should you use if you want application performance that optimizes user experience for any application, at any time, on any device? Approximately how much of Cisco network content traffic can now be attributed to video? What is a characteristic of Cisco EnergyWise technology? Which Cisco solution can assist with the adoption of 802.11n by solving problems that are related to the combination of 802.11a/g and 802.11? You need to easily manage the security risks of borderless networks. Which mobility solution uses next-generation remote-access technology to allow users to securely access the network with their device of choice? How many customers are reported to allow personal devices on their networks by 2012? As part of a green initiative for your organization, you need a solution for your network infrastructure that provides service integration to help enable Cisco routers and switches to reduce the number of devices that are operating within the network. Which solution will allow you to do this? Which Cisco AnyConnect component provides a firewall and secure mobility for the headend? What is now the most common incentive for implementing a green plan? Which service provides one-touch ease of use to strengthen security across distributed networks? Which Cisco Borderless Solution product protects multiple physical servers and can offload packet-intensive processing to the Cisco Nexus 1000V Switch to optimize performance? What is a feature of Cisco OfficeExtend? Which two options have been added in Cisco Medianet 2.1? (Choose two.) Which Cisco solution provides the features that are needed to support the rich-media requirements of medianets? As a CEO, you want to help ensure that video messages you send to your organization are prioritized over other video traffic. Which Cisco solution will allow you to accomplish this? How much of the power in a building can be managed by Cisco EnergyWise technology? What are two features of the Cisco EnergyWise solution? (Choose two.) Which Cisco Borderless Network solution helps to secure network access through policy-based control? Which market opportunity did the Cisco CleanAir technology network service fulfill? What is the current consumer green energy trend? What are two features of Cisco EnergyWise technology? (Choose two.) You want to enhance secure access control and data protection. Which Cisco solution will meet your needs? Which Cisco solution helps to mitigate the effects of WAN latency while transferring data quickly? What is a characteristic of the Cisco Borderless Network Architecture? Which solution can defend the network by gathering global threat information from a vast sensor network and updating the product portfolio to deliver current protection? Which two Cisco Borderless Network solutions provide network-integrated WAN optimization and scalable application-aware acceleration to reduce bandwidth costs while delivering optimal user experience for both cloud services and locally hosted services? (Choose two.) What are two features of Application Velocity? (Choose two.) Which Cisco EnergyWise component provides configuration, management data aggregation, and console services for the solution? Which option is an end-to-end architecture for a network that is composed of advanced, intelligent technologies and devices in a platform that is optimized for the delivery of rich-media experiences? What differentiates Cisco Medianet from other products? What is a feature of Cisco AnyConnect? What is a feature of Cisco Medianet? Which two features are specific to the Cisco TrustSec solution? (Choose two.) Although all of these options are part of a secure network, which two things need to be considered specifically because of the rise of mobility and an extremely connected workplace? What are the two main benefits of Cisco Medianet? (Choose two.) Which Cisco Catalyst Switch series is ideal for the core, distribution, and access layers, and works equally well in the data center or campus? What is the main goal of the Cisco Borderless Network? What are two features of the Cisco Context-Aware Mobility solution? (Choose two.) You want a security solution that enforces access and policies in the borderless network by providing information such as identity, time and date, posture, location, device type, and access type. Which Cisco solution will provide you with this information?