650-331 - SP Video Phase II Wireline

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Example Questions

What Cisco Satellite receivercan decrypt1 PowerVu encryptedprogram and decode to HD-SDI? When is a co-processor card required for the DCM? What is the nominal core bandwidth required for cache fill from the CDS vault to the streamers? What Cisco encoder model can encode MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 SD simultaneously? What is the maximum number of devices that a ROSA EM can manage? What Cisco satellite receiverdoes not have an MPEGoIP output? What bandwidth is usedto determinethe number of streamlicense requiredwhen calculatingthe size of the CDS stream? In order to manage devices with just the ROSA EM, what additional license must be purchased? How can channel change time be reduced? What additional ROSA componentcan be purchasedin order to record and graph levels of SNMP devices? What is the lowest cost Cisco satellite receiver with a SDI output? How many cards can a 2 RU version of the DCM hold? What in a Cisco STB allows a service provider to change middleware to deployed STBs? What Cisco encoder model can encodeHD programsinto H.264? How many devices can theCopernicusstandardversion manage before it is recommendedto move to the large database version? What model can be used as an integrated streamer vault (ISV)? What version of DSL provides the most amount of downstream bandwidth? What is the redundancy method in CDS that allowsfor the failure of streamer? What CDS model can be used as CDS TV Manager? What is the most appropriate use of theD9887?