650-328 - SP Video Phase II Cable Headend & Hub

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Example Questions

How many RF line cards can the uBR 10012 CMTS hold? What additional ROSA task can be purchasedin order to createreports on the utilizationof QAM modulators? What is the nominal corebandwidth requiredfor cache fill fromthe CDS vault to the streamers? What additional ROSA componentcan be purchasedin order to controlthe group of encoders that will be statisticallymultiplexed together? What is the lowest cost satellite receiver with a SDI output? What is the maximum upstream bit rate available with 64 QAM? How many ports are available on each RFGW-1 card? What modelencoder can encodeHD programs into H.264? When is a co-processor card required for the DCM? What bandwidth is usedto determine the number of streamlicenses requiredwhen calculating the size ofCDS streamer? How many devices can be managedby the Copernicusstandard version before it is recommendedto move to thelargedatabase version? What CDS model can be usedas CDS TV manager? What satellite receiver candecrypt power Vu and DVB-CI encrypted programs? What is the lowest costMPEG-2 encoder fromSP VTG? How many cards cana RFGW-1 hold? What is the maximum numberof devices that are ROSA EM can manage? What version of DOCSIS allows for channel bonding? What is the most appropriate use of the D9887?