650-312 - SP Video Phase I - Media Satellite and Broadcast

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Example Questions

What two MPEG tables must be read prior to decoding any MPEG transport streams? How many polarities are transmitted from a satellite? What are two protocols that are used toencapsulate MPEG video into IP? How many I frames are in GOP? What is the series of compressed video frames that are made up of an I frame and a series of B and P frames referred to as? In a MPEG 2 program stream, what is the purpose of the CAT? What device can demodulate, decrypt and decode a satellite program? What device canmultiplexand change formats of MPEG-2 programs? What is the primary advantage of MPEG-4 part 10 over MPEG-2? What are the three functions performed by the Headend? What is the downlink frequency of a C-band satellite? What type of conditional access is built into a Cisco integrated receiver decoder (IRD)? What standard defines ad insertion in MPEG2 transport streams? What is the modulation format used in Digital Video Broadcasts? What network management system can monitor and control video headend equipment? Which of the following layers is the first layer in contribution solution architecture? What device amplifies and converts from C band to L band (satellite IF)? How many video programscan be containedin a HD-SDI signal? What is the main difference between a video program in an ASI format versus a SDI format? What version of MPEG compression does a D9054 encoder use?