650-304 - PASCERFE - Cisco SaaS Conferencing and EIM Resale ATP for the FE Exam

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Example Questions

What are two of the three types of advanced services that Cisco offers? (Choose two) What is the main function of the organization administrator? What should you do when users are unable to log in? Which two are post meeting action items that you should consider? (Choose two) In addition to the core meeting features of the Cisco WebEx Event Center, what are two other features of this solution? (Choose two) A customer with Cisco IP phones and softphones is uncertain about moving to Cisco WebEx web collaboration. Which benefit should you stress? Which of these statements is true about a direct-to-indirect transfer? How can an organization administrator add, modify, or remove domain names? Which option is a characteristic of the Cisco flexible deployment model? Which of these is a step of the planning phase in the implementation process? If the primary site of a WebEx customer is unavailable, which action occurs? What are two of the main functions of Cisco WebEx site administrators? (Choose two.) What should you do to encourage the adoption of Cisco WebEx collaboration services? Which option is an example of an easy and quick-to-deploy cloud-based cost efficiency? Which business complexity example is best described as a consumerization trend? Which page should you visit to gather specific information about a user system as well as helpful tutorials? Which of these is a characteristic of the Plan 1 (enterprise) communication plan? Which benefit does the Cisco Collaboration Cloud provide due to its core-edge design and service- oriented architecture? Which two services does the Cisco collaboration portfolio offer to meet the needs of a changing workforce? (Choose two) In which stage of the Cisco WebEx collaboration would PDI-advanced services help the customer assess its business and technical requirements? (select two) Which approach must IT think about when enabling the new collaborative workspace in a post-PC era? What are some best practices for identifying opportunities to cross-sell throughout the customer organization? Which two are characteristics of a successful implementation? (Choose two.) Which option is one advantage of the on-premises deployment option? Which of these statements is true about site administration? Which two items should you check for accuracy when reviewing the Cisco WebEx site of a customer? (Choose two.) What is one of the most important follow-up issues to discuss with your customer? What is one of the primary things that customers require when adopting Cisco WebEx solutions? Which step(s) should you take during the postsales process? What is one of the first things you should do when troubleshooting Cisco WebEx issues? Which two options are examples of deployment options for hybrid solutions for Cisco Unified MeetingPlace? (Choose two.) Who has the ability to delete or disable inactive Cisco WebEx Connect accounts? Which step(s) should you take to establish rapport with clients? What are two different ways to maintain a strong and productive customer relationship? (Choose two) Which statement about the Cisco integrated collaboration architecture is true? If a client is unable to start a meeting in Cisco WebEx Connect, what should be the last step when troubleshooting the user issue? Which step of the enablement success cycle offers customers quick-start guides and tours to get them started? Who should you work with if the client determines that additional Cisco professional services are required?