650-303 - PASCERSE - Cisco SaaS Conferencing and EIM Resale ATP for the SE Exam

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Example Questions

You are connecting into a Cisco WebEx meeting as an authenticated attendee. Which two attributes are required for you to join the meeting successfully? (Choose two.) Which two options are two primary benefits of the Cisco WebEx Connect service compared to the competition? (Choose two.) Which option is one benefit of Cisco WebEx Connect and Cisco WebEx web collaboration to organizations? You are setting up a deployment option for your customer to integrate Cisco Unified MeetingPlace and Cisco WebEx conferencing. Your customer currently uses MeetingPlace and is interested in using it for audio portion of conferencing. What do you offer as a requirement? Your customer utilizes large-scale web communications. Which two benefits of the Cisco WebEx Collaboration Cloud are a match for this type of business? (Choose two.) When integrating a customer's LMS and WebEx Training Center, which process works in the background with WebEx Training Center as a conduit? You are integrating the Cisco WebEx Training Center with an organization's existing LMS to enhance their training experience and tracking. What option can you recommend to the organization as a benefit of this integration? Which option is the starting point of a platform that delivers a consistent experience that includes synchronous and asynchronous collaboration? Which two steps describe best practices for placing a product order? (Choose two.) Which challenge do IT administrators face when managing user access for SaaS applications? If the primary site of a WebEx customer is unavailable, which action occurs? Which option is one advantage of the on-premises deployment option? Which option is an example of easy and quick-to-deploy cloud-based cost efficiency? Which statement best describes for a customer the on-premises solution integration that provides a single meeting stream to WebEx conferencing services? Which two options are strategic elements that Cisco uses to meet market requirements? (Choose two.) Which two services does the Cisco collaboration portfolio offer to meet the needs cf a changing workforce? (Choose two) Which business complexity example is best described as a consumerization trend? You are demonstrating Event Center for a customer. Which option is an important feature to highlight? Which statement about the differences between the support services of Cisco warranty support and Cisco WebEx support is true? Which two questions are useful to ask when qualifying a customer for Cisco WebEx conferencing? (Choose two.) Which two options are features of the Cisco WebEx Connect service? (Choose two.) In the customer enablement phase, the partner contacts the customer for a site introduction meeting, and the partner reviews the implementation check list with the customer, The partner then notifies Cisco of customer implementation. Which option describes what is expected to happen during implementation? During a regular service review, your client informs you that several employees have recently left the company. Which part of the Cisco WebEx account could be affected by this information? Where can you find updated documentation after a major release for Cisco Unified MeetingPlace? Which two options are reasons to use Meeting Center and help it stand out from the competition? (Choose two.) Whichoption is important to remember when presenting upgrades and patches to customers? Which layer in the Cisco Collaboration Cloud includes voice and video transmission and as well as desktop and application sharing? Which differentiator separates the WebEx Support Center from the competition? Which option describes what Cisco considers to be critical to a successful collaboration strategy?