650-302 - PASCERAM - Cisco SaaS Conferencing and EIM Resale ATP for the AM Exam

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Example Questions

Which two options are reasons to use Meeting Center and help it stand out from the competition? (Choose two.) A customer is concerned about the WebEx Connect service because of SaaS risks to security. Which two facts are good responses to this objection? (Choose two.) Which statement about the Cisco integrated collaboration architecture is true? Which option is an example of an easy and quick-to-deploy cloud-based cost efficiency? Which approach must IT think about when enabling the new collaborative workspace in a post-PC era? Which option describes how a business can benefit from a SaaS solution compared to an on-premises solution? Which option is one benefit of Cisco WebEx Connect and Cisco WebEx web collaboration to organizations? Which two options are two primary benefits of the Cisco WebEx Connect service compared to the competition? (Choose two.) In the customer enablement phase, the partner contacts the customer for a site introduction meeting and the partner reviews the implementation check list with the customer. The partner then notifies Cisco of customer implementation. Which option describes what is expected to happen during implementation? In addition to the core meeting features of the Cisco WebEx Event Center, what are two other features of this solution? (Choose two.) Which two options are examples of deployment options for hybrid solutions for Cisco Unified MeetingPlace? (Choose two.) Which application is used by third-party audio providers to offer meeting controls in real time? Which two questions are useful to ask when qualifying a customer for Cisco WebEx conferencing? (Choose two.) If the primary is unavailable, which action occurs? What is the minimum number of invoices that the FTP Invoice delivery option can provide for partner and reseller accounts? Which question is the best to ask an executive sponsor of an organization when qualifying them for the Cisco WebEx service? Which two options are strategic elements that Cisco uses to meet market requirements? (Choose two.) Which two options are primary weaknesses of Citrix Online Web Conferencing as compared to the Cisco WebEx service? (Choose two.) Which two steps describe best practices for placing a product order? Which option describes what Cisco considers to be critical to a successful collaboration strategy? Which option does Cisco use to deliver its collaboration offering to provide a consistent and secure experience for users? Which option is one advantage of the on-premises deployment option? Which two options are features of the Cisco WebEx Connect service? (Choose two.) Which option is a characteristic of the Cisco flexible deployment model? Which option is the starting point of a platform that delivers a consistent experience that includes synchronous and asynchronous collaboration? Which type of dilemma must partners understand to help better position Cisco WebEx solutions? Which two services does the Cisco collaboration portfolio offer to meet the needs of a changing workforce? (Choose two.)