650-298 - TelePresence Video Sales Specialist for Advanced Plus Exam

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Example Questions

Which codec does not have a built-in bridge? When is the Cisco TelePresence Management System software a feasible option? To provide interoperability with proprietary protocols of their companies, you should use the Cisco Unified Video conferencing solution in tandem with which product? What is the promise of Cisco TelePresence? What two are key selling features of the Cisco TelePresence solution? (Choose two) You require a conferencing and collaboration solution that adapts to a range of conference room and user requirements. Which type of endpoint solution and product range would you use? Which Cisco TelePresence portfolio is ideal for a customer that is looking for intra- and intercompany communications? When we talk about selling along the immersive curve, what do we mean? Many small organizations with existing standard-definition video environments are looking for a seamless transition to high-definition video. Which would be the ideal Cisco TelePresence bridge? How many microphones inputs does the Cisco TelePresence CodecsC90 have? Which of the following is a key feature of the Cisco TelePresence System 500 32-inch screen? Which of the following is a characteristic of collaboration architecture? When must you use the software version of the Cisco TelePresence Management Suite as apposed to the hardware box? What is a primary business driver of the Cisco TelePresence solution? What is a type of Cisco TelePresence Management System deployment? To provide firewall traversal, which components are needed? Which two are as is Cisco best-positioned to deliver collaborative solutions that meet current market needs? (Choose two.) What would you call an endpoint or system "handshake" with the VCS? What is the ideal bridge in which mixed-vendor environments are communicating in high-definition video? Which feature allows video media to be enhanced by up to four times its initial resolution? How many high-definitions does the CiscoTelePresence CodecC60 have? By default, how many traversal licenses come with a Cisco TelePresence Control? What are screen sizes of the Cisco TelePresenceProfile Series? The Clinical Presence System is powered by which Cisco TelePresence Codec? Which of the following offers a built-in, three-screen solution that is optimized for face-to-face virtual communications and collaboration? What does the Cisco TelePresence Management System not Manage? What is a characteristic of the Cisco TelePresence Codec C20? What type of meetings does the MXE 5600 support? Which of the following is a characteristic of CiscoTelePresence immersive endpoints? How big is the screen on the Cisco TelePresence System EX90? Which two advantages does the Media Experience Engine have over other solutions? (Choose two) How do Cisco Partner program services benefit a partner? What is a characteristic of Cisco TelePresence interoperability? When developingan interoperability solution to allow for high-definition video, which Cisco product would you use? Which bridge offers an upgrade in ports from 6 to 12 highdefinition via software? Which technical enhancement is enabled across all Cisco enterprise endpoints to change the collaboration industry? Which of these is a key feature of the Cisco MXE 5600 Series? What is one of the market transitions that corporation architecture is suited to address? What is the position of Cisco TelePresence in the world wide enterprise voice market share?