650-296 - TelePresence Video Sales Engineer for Advanced Exam (PATVSEA)

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Example Questions

Why would you include include a gateway in your design? What does multiway provide in a telepresence solution? Which two statements are correct when describing the VCS Expressway solution? (Choose two) What is the primary function of the Cisco MSE 8321 ISDN GW blade? Why is Cisco TelePresence Interoperability Protocol (TIP) needed in a network? What is required to include ISDN participants in a call with a multipoint control unit? When using the multizone VCS WAM model, what happens to a location request for a unit that is registered on a different VCS? Which of these is a disadvantage of a single-zone (VCS) WAN model? Which part of the Cisco TelePresence Management Suite allows a user to set up a conference in just four or five clicks? What is the effect of a multipoint control unit service prefix on the function of the VCS? How would you configure a gateway to map ISDN numbers and internal numbers? You are asked to implement a Cisco TelePresence pilot on a client network. Which deployment model would you likely choose? When configuring a connection to a remote cluster, why should you configure the relevant zone with details of all peers in the duster? What type of meetings does the MXE 5600 support? In the multizone model with Prefix Dialing, what are suffixes and prefixes used for? Your network uses a combination of SIP and H.323 endpoints. When planning to implement firewalls for security, what device permits traversal of the firewall for there devices?] Which software license option allows a multipoint control unit connection to additional networks, such as the Internet? How does the VCS Expressway allow secure traversal of a firewall? What is a benefit of the Cisco TelePresence Interoperability Protocol? What is a requirement for a non-traversal-enabled endpoint to endpoint to connect to a VCS Expressway? Which two of these tasks should be completed to enable calls through a firewall? (Choose two) When we talk about selling along the immersive curve, what do we mean? After implementing a design, what is the goal of the next step in the PPDIOO model? What type of license is required for a major software version upgrade? What is the primary purpose of the Cisco TelePresence Interoperability Protocol (TIP)? How does a VCS Expressway solution work? A VCS Expressway is used to traverse the firewall for multiple VCS Control traversal clients. Which deployment option is this? Endpoints register to the VCS Control on the LAN and a VCS Expressway is used for traversing the firewall for traversal clients. Which deployment option is this? Which of the following is required to allow placing and receiving URI calls through a firewall? What is the function of the multipoint control unit in a telepresence deployment? What can you use to map SIP addresses to E.164 aliases? When sizing gateways, what determines the number of PRIs required? What is a characteristic of Cisco TelePresence interoperability? Which two of these configurations must be applied when dialing from an IP endpoint to an ISDN destination? (Choose two) By default, how many traversal licenses comes with a Cisco TelePhesence Control? What does Cisco TelePresence Movi provide in a telepresnence solution? What is a characteristic of the Cisco TelePresence Management System? Which MSE blade provides high-definition multipoint control unit support? Which is a type of deployment for the Cisco TelePresence Management Suite? When must you use the software version of the Cisco TelePresence Management Suite as apposed to the hardware box? How do Cisco Partner program services benefit a partner? Which of these is an advantage of the multizone model VCS with Prefix Dialing? When a VCS receives a call request, it searches for the endpoint. What does the pattern-matching in a search determine? Which conceptual zone, controlling the amount of bandwidth used by calls passing through the VCS, represents the gatekeeper itself? Which bridge offers an upgrade in ports from 6 to 12 high definition via software? When planning for resiliency of your deployment, how many VCSs can be clustered? To provide interoperability with proprietary protocols of other companies, you should use the Cisco Unified Videoconferencing solution in tandem with which product? When developing an interoperability solution to allow for high-definition video, which Cisco product would you use? The Cisco IP Video Phone E20 does video up to what resolution?