650-281 - C-Series Servers for Account Manager

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Example Questions

A prospective client wants to know more about the importance of a Cisco Unified Computing System in today's IT industry. What would you tell them? Which two statements are benefits of the Cisco UCS C-series rack-Mount Servers? A potential client is looking for cost-effective servers, but stresses the importance of I/O slots for I/O intensive applications. Which server would meet this need? Which server would be a better fit for a customer who wants to increase performance and capacity for demanding virtualization and large-data-set workloads? Which environments are best for Cisco UCS C-Series Rack-Mount Server installations? A client with a small office and a few remote-office applications is looking for a Cisco Unified Computing System solution that can meet his needs. Which Rack-Mount Servers would be the best fit? In which step of the sales process should you review current business and technology architecture and map the customer use case against pain points? Which two actions should you perform to profile a prospective customer? You are proposing a solution to a potential client which two items should you include in your proposal? (Choose two) You have found that clients are usually nervous about transitioning to a new environment. Which Cisco UCS capability would you tell them about? In which step of the sales cycle should you secure a solutions architecture workshop Cisco UCS C-Series Rack-Mount Servers come with internal local storage. The C-Series Servers are capable of which RAID configuration? A client wants recurring analyses of the performance data and configurations from the network and data center devices. The information will provide a continuous strategic view of the data center environment Which Cisco Data Center service would you recommend?