650-251 - LCSAUC - Cisco Lifecycle Services for Advanced Unified Communications

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Example Questions

Which of the following three service requirements are included in the Cisco Unified Communications optimize phase? Select three. After successful implementation and handoff of a project, which Cisco Lifecycle Services phase describes the post-project support activities? In the plan Phase, Which of the following is a deployment project management task? Within the plan phase is the operations readiness report, which is customer deliverable that contains the results of two tasks. One of these tasks is identify gaps between existing and leading practices. What is the other task that is used to develop the operations readiness report? In the design phase, which tasks is conducted during the host physical desing workshop activity? Within the implement phase, which activity is associated with the define project visibility progress reports and procedures task? Which service component if detailed design development includes completing the Cisco Unified Communications station review template and ensuring that user groups have the right set of features, functions, dialing capabilities, and applications? During the design phase, which template or tool is used to capture the define failure recovery procedure and risk mitigation strategy task? Which of the following best defines the Cisco Lifecycle Services approach? The final documentation that records detailed implementation information for customers, including specific design requirements, are delivered at which server component within the Cisco Unified Communications implement phase? Which service component within the prepare phase validates the features and functionality documented in the high-level design of a solution? Which of the following tasks belongs in the system monitoring service component of the operate phase? Which two are phases of a project life cycle? (Choose two) In the design phase, which service component includes developing and documenting the custom specifications for Cisco Unified Communications Contact Center? Which three business requirement Development activities are performed within the prepare phase before creating a technology strategy? (Choose three) What is the primary objective of the plan phase? Quality of service is analyzed at which service component within the Cisco Unified Communications plan phase? Which tasks is performed during the site readiness assessment gap analysis in the plan phase? Which two operations technology strategy development activities within the prepare phase are performed recommending people, processes and tools supporting the operations and management of a system to the customer? During the implement phase, systems acceptance testing provides which two of the following services for the customer? Select two. Which statement describes the business requirements development service component in the Cisco Unified Communications prepare phase? Which services component within the prepare phase provides financial justification and business benefits for to review and evaluate before investing in the technology? Which service components develops a plan that identifies the necessary steps to move from an existing system to the Cisco Unified Communications system? Which service component within the prepare phase provides a financial justification for the customer in the adoption of a Cisco Unified Communications phase? Which of the following phases includes identifying and documenting customer business requirements? Which phase includes managing the system in ongoing operations mode, system administration and backup, asset management and scheduling maintenance? During the System acceptance testing, which template is used to capture the network elements to be tested and the tests that will be completed after solution implementation? In the Implement Phase, What is the possible customer benefit of implementation support (Day 1)? Which two service components are part of the Cisco Unified Communications plan phase? Select two. A good change management process incorporates consistent processes for nay planned network change. What should be included in the change management process? Which tasks uses the continuous improvement plan for the service assurance component within the operate phase? Which phase and service component includes comparing the solution requirements with the bill of materials and high-level design in order to finalize the detailed business and technology requirements for the Cisco Unified Communications solution? Which task is included in the systems migration service component of the implement phase? Which service component within the prepare phase validates the Cisco Unified Communications System high-level design of the customer and identifies potential design enhancements? In the operate phase, the task of analyzing process exceptions belongs to which service component? Which service component in the design phase describes developing a detailed, site-specific plan for implementing the new technology system or solution? Which two of the following activities are included in the Cisco Unified Communications staff development? Select two. Which Service Component within the prepare phase provides a financial justification for the customer in evaluating adoption of a technology? In the optimize phase, the call processing assessment activity contains the establish call volume baselining task. Which template or tool documents the call volumes? Which statement most accurately describes the account planning service component in the prepare phase for Cisco Unified Communications? In the operate phase, the task accounting for all system assets and configuration is part of which service component? Assessing the task performance of functional groups and comparing it with recommended best practices and the requirements of the standard operating procedures of the customer are parts of the analysis of which service component within the design phase? Upon which critical tool do the identify incident and identify problem activities rely? Which service components in the plan phase includes developing and executing a project management program and managing information, resources, and change control? Which implement phase service component describes the activities to install and test your Cisco Unified Communications solution in a nonproduction lab environment? During the ongoing support handoff Meeting in the implement phase, which tow tasks are common to the activities that are related to hardware support? (Choose two.) Which two of the following activities are included in the Cisco Unified Communications project closeout? Select two. Which service component in a detailed design development focuses on identification and configuration of the actual network components (routers, servers, local-area networks, and so on) to be incorporated to run and support a Cisco Unified Communications system. The staff training template is one of the templates and/or tools identified as essential for the informal advanced training for administration and operations activity during the implementation phase. What is the other Resources that is used to accomplish this activity? Which of the following phases represent the Cisco Lifecycle Services approach ?