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Example Questions

Which two options are competitive advantages of Cisco RV Series Routers? (Choose two.) Which Cisco product would a partner select to maintain a customer network and generate recurring revenue? Which small business desktop application is left with the customer to modify voice and user settings on the Cisco Unified Communications 500 Series? Which feature of second generation ISRs reduces overhead on the router processor by allowing efficient module-to-module communication? (Select one) What is the difference between Cisco Catalyst 2960 LAN Base Series and Cisco Catalyst 2960 LAN Lite Series? Which feature on the Cisco Integrated Service Router G2 provides the ability to automatically download security response from Cisco.com? (Select one) Which Cisco RV Series Router can support up to 7 WAN connections or 13 LAN connections? Which two options are competitive advantages of Cisco 200 and 300 Series Switches in the marketplace? (Choose two.) Which small business portfolio is appropriate for the customer who has sophisticated requirements and is looking for scalability? Which two features are unique to SPA 525G2 phones compared to SPA 501, SPA 502, and SPA 508 phones? (Choose two.) Which two key purchase decision factors are most important to a target customer considering, the Cisco Unified Communications 300 Series? (Choose two.) Which Cisco 2900 Series Integrated Services Router has second Services Module slot? (Select one) Which two options are customer value propositions of the Cisco Business Edition 3000? (Choose two.) What selling feature is available across all Cisco SPA IP Phones? On the Cisco Integrated Services Routers G2, Which slot supports high-density rich-media voice and video DSP modules? Which two options are requirements of a Cisco Catalyst switch customer? (Choose two.) Which type of approach does Cisco Smart Designs use as a framework for additional hardware, software, and services? Which option is an important difference between the Cisco Small Busmen Support Center and the Cisco Small Business Support Community? Address translation is another component of Layer 3 design. Which two type of address translation allow an IP Address to be duplicated? (Choose two.) What statement is true of how a customer acquires Intrusion Prevention and Content Security services in a Cisco security solution? What is the primary purpose of Smart Designs? The differences between a smart switch and a managed switch are clear. Which option is an attribute of a smart switch? Cisco Partner Advisor is available for select and eligible registered partners who are selling into the commercial and small business segments. Which two types of question could best be answered by contacting Cisco Partner Advisor? (Choose two.) QoS refers to the ability of a network to provide improved service, over various underlying technologies, to select network traffic. Which two traits are inherent to QoS? (Choose two.] What Cisco technology provides the capability of load sharing power supplies across stack members? What is the name of the Cisco industry-leading small business unified communications solution? Where is the Cisco OnPlus Network Agent appliance installed? Which two protocols provide investment protection to Cisco SPA phone owners who are migrating from a hosted offering with a major third-party call control system to on-premises Cisco Unified Communications 500 Series? (Choose two.) What are the three main pillars of the Cisco One Product Portfolio for small business customers? Which Cisco supported device can be added to a Cisco Unified Communications 300 Series deployment for additional PSTN lines and increased port density on the FXO ports? The SA500 series has built-in VPN capabilities for remote access and can support IPSec and SSL-encrypted network traffic. Which option is a characteristic of an SSL VPN deployment for a user? What are two advantages that the Cisco SA 520 all-in-one UTM security device has over implementing a typical router in a small business network? (Choose two.) Which two Cisco switches support IPv6? (Choose two.) Several of the Cisco small business switches allow you to assign roles to ports depending on what device you are connecting. What is this functionality called? With Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express running on the Cisco 2921ISR G2, how many phones can be supported? How much does Cisco Small Business Partner Design Support charge to provide Cisco technical expertise to help registered partners build and deliver network solutions that solves customer small business issues? Which protocol ensures accurate local-time synchronization within network that consists of routers, switches and other devices? Which component of a PBX provides the logic, memory, and processing for call setup, call supervision, and call disconnection? Which digital voice circuit supports 23 voice (B) channels and signaling that is earned in a dedicated 64 kb/s data (D) channel? AM-in-one UTM security gateways are starting to displace routers m many small business networks. What does UTM stand for? Which video compression standard is the Cisco WebEx integrated high-quality video built upon? Which two Cisco series of IP phone, doc. the Cisco Unified Communications 300 Series support? (Choose two) Which feature set available with all Cisco Catalyst 3750-X and 3560-X Series Switches provides full enterprise services that include advanced Layer 3 features such as Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol? A WebEx Meeting Center customer is using a headset and microphone connected to their computer. Which Cisco WebEx audio feature is the customer using? In which increments can users be added to the Cisco Unified Communications 500 Series Models 540 and 560? IP addressing can be assigned in either a static or dynamic method. Which two devices would likely be assigned dynamic IP addresses? A computer is connected to the network through a NIC, which has a unique assignment that is called the Ethernet MAC address. Which layer of the OSI model does the MAC address use to communicate with the network? Which program houses all the small business partner training resources? Bridges and switches are Layer 2 devices that provide the same basic functionality but that also have some differences. Which two traits apply to switches only? (Choose two.) Which supported gateway in a Cisco Business Edition 3000 deployment provides SIP trunking capabilities through CUBE Lite?