650-195 - SMB Solutions for Engineers

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Example Questions

Using Smart Designs increases the typical deal size by how much? The Cisco Smart Business Communications System offers support of third-party applications. What is the primary purpose of the VeraSMART application? Which Cisco Small Business portfolio product is targeted to customers with basic technology needs? Layer 3 (the network layer) provides connectivity and path selection between two host systems that may be located on geographically separated networks. Which device operates at the network layer? What is the SMB Partner Practice Builder? Which two wireless devices acts as a communication between the client and WLAN? Which two types of information might be found at the Small Business Partner Central website? (Choose two.) Which two components are unique to controller-based wireless installation? (Choose two.) The Cisco Smart Business Communications System offers support of third party applications. When using TimeCard View, What device is used by employees to click in and clock out? In what two ways to does the Cisco SR 520 Secure Router complement the Cisco Small Business Communications System? (Choose two.) What are two characteristics of a managed Cisco Small Business Switch when recommended over a unmanaged switch. (Select Two) Which companion switch is recommended to be installed with the Cisco Unified Communications 500 Series? Which Cisco Small Business wireless product can be used to connect the network of a office building to a warehouse across the parking lot? What is the minimum level of account access that partners need to download Cisco Configuration Assistant from Cisco.com? How many users are supported on the Cisco Unified Communications models 540 and 560 platforms? Bridges and switches and Layer 2 devices that provide the same basic functionality but that also have some differences. Which two traits apply to switches only? Which Statement Best Describes Clustering in a Small-Business Wireless Network? Which two WAN interfaces does the Cisco SRP 520 Series Support? (Choose two.) If a small business customer wants to install a Cisco network-attached storage solution that provides a 2-Gigabit Ethernet interface and allows up to 16 FTP users, which model would you suggest? What is the primary purpose of SMB Smart Design? What is the name of the Cisco industry-leading small business unified communications solution? What is the function of the internal service module on the ISR? What are two advantages that the Cisco SA 520 all-in-one UTM security device has over implementing a typical router in a small business network? (Choose two.) Which Cisco Small Business router features a 4-port Fast Ethernet integrated switch but not wireless capabilities? The price of Cisco Small Business Pro Service is based on the complexity of the devices... (how many price points) Which two Cisco Partner Development Funds tracks are available for SMB Specialized and Express Foundation Specialized partners? (Choose two.) IP routing protocols, such as OSPF and Enhanced EIGRP, are used primarily in network designs that contain entry and exit points to the network from service providers. What is a common trait of IP routing protocols? Cisco Small Business Switches are specifically engineered for the small business customer. What are two characteristics common to cisco small business switches? (Pick Two) Which two features are unique to SPA 525 phones compared to SPA501, SPA502, and ... In Cisco Network attached storage solution, what are two common high-availablity features for small business? (Choose two.) computer is connected to the network through a NIC, which has a unique assignment that is called the Ethernet MAC address. Which layer of the OSI model does the MAC address use to communicate with the network? Which combination of ports is available on the Cisco SPA 8800 voice gateway? How does the Cisco Small Business Pro Service differ from the Cisco Small Business Pro warranty? Which Cisco Small Business wireless product includes a 5-port switch Wireless components must work together for interoperability and performance. Which standard has specifications that are 2.4GHz, 54Mb/s, and a range of 150 feet? What statement is true of how a customer acquires Intrusion Prevention and Content Security services in a Cisco security solution? Which Cisco Small Business wireless product includes a 5-port switch? What is the primary benefit of Single Number Reach? What solution would you recommend to a small business customer that requires high-bandwidth connectivity and strong security? Which program houses all the SMB partner training resources? Which Cisco Small Business portfolio product is targeted to customers who leverage technology as a strategic advantage in their business? Which Cisco Small Business Switch would you recommend to a small business customer who wants to segment the network into workgroups and have a limited number of voice devices on the network? Address translation is another component of Layer 3 design, Which two types of address translation allow an IP Address to be duplicated? (choose two) QoS refers to the ability of a network to provide improved service, over various underlying technologies, to select network traffic. Which two traits are inherent to QoS? (Choose two.) All-in-one UTM security gateways are starting to displace routers in many small business networks. What does UTM stand for? What is the difference between Cisco Catalyst 2960 LAN Base Series and Cisco Catalyst Lite series. What is an important difference between the Cisco Small Business Support Center and the Cisco Small Business Support Community?