650-178 - SBCSEN - Smart Business Communication Systems for Engineers

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Example Questions

Which Cat 520 feature optimizes QOS? How can the proper configuration of voicemail be tested at an end users IP Phone? Which two are benefits of installing Cisco Monitor Director at an SMB Site? Select two. In the SBCS which two services are provided to each teleworker, home office or mobile worker locations? How is the LAN designed in the SBCS? Which 2 benefits will a client see from adding a wireless lan controller to their SBCS? Select two. Which interface on the Cisco UC520 is assigned an IP either statically or through DHCP? Which 2 CRM servers all Cisco Unified Call Connector to be configured for connectivity? Select two. What are 2 configurable options for call control on the UC520? Select two. You are planning to provide voicemail and auto attendant at your site. What guideline can you follow to allocate service resources? Which statement correctly describes the keyswitch model of deployment for call processing? Which two are requirements for a device to join a Cisco UC520 created community? Select two. How do you test the WAN connectivity to the service provider on the Cisco UC520? Which statement accurately describes configuration of VPN server? In the Smart Business Communications system, which method is typically used to initialize the Cisco CE520? How are the voice and data devices organized in the LAN for SBCS Your installation site uses traditional telephones and fax machines as well as the new IP Phones. What guideline can you follow to calculate the number of possible analog conections for a SBCS installation? What 2 types of telephony interfaces are used for PSTN connectivity? Select two. What port role assignment would you make for the Gig E port on the Cisco CE520 used in SBCS? Which 2 functions does the Cisco Configuration Assistant Provide? Select two. Which dial plan scenario may require PSTN trunks for ountbound? In a SBCS install with 16 users, what is the max number of teleworkers the system can accommodate? Which of these statements correctly describes the security audit that is run on the Cisco UC520? In a new Cisco UC520 install, when must IP routing be configured? Which 4 key features are implemented with a default install of the SBCS (Choose Four)